35 Below Socks Reviews | Buying Guide For 2019

The 35 below socks reviews is a revelation to those who have been in the search for ages on how to keep their feet warm during cold weather condition. Winter is an unpleasant condition for most people, and it demands the use of thick cardigan and blanket to keep warm during the day and night.

Some people go to the point of using a heated blanket, heated foot pad, heated chair to get warm during this period but not everyone has the money to buy this expensive device which is why we are introducing the cheapest device you can purchase to keep your feet warm during the cold weather.

How Does 35° Below Socks Work?

The 35 below socks is well designed to keep your feet warm whenever you have it on. It is made of aluminum thread that is well infused with nylon knit fabric that makes it soft to touch. The weave if the socks reflect your body heat so that you can stay warm no matter how cold the weather is.

Your feet will always remain warm and heated by minimizing perspiration and moisture so that your feet will always be dry. You might want to get rid of snows off your terrain, and the sock will be a great compliment to your insulated boot as it will help to keep your feet warm even when you have your feet stuck in the snow. The socks are thin enough to wear underneath regular socks, and you can as well wear alone.

The socks are incredible, flexible and lightweight which doesn’t add weight to your feet; it is washable with machine and dryer safe. It is ideal for men, women, and children. It can be used for daily activities, walking and running.

It is an essential material that everyone should own because you wouldn’t go to bed in the night with your insulated boot on, but with the socks on you can be assured that your feet will stay warm through the night to enjoy your night rest.

35 below socks reviews

35 Below Socks Questions & Answers

Q: Is there any wool in the material of the socks?
A: NO, it is made of nylon, and it is advisable that you shouldn’t use on a slippery surface such as smooth tiles.

Q: Does it come with different size?
A: Yes, it comes in three different sizes.

Q: Are these over the calf?
A: No

Q: Can be it used by men and women?
A: yes and it can be used by children too

35 Below Socks Reviews

35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks

If you’ve tried different socks to keep your feet warm during cold weather and all avail to nothing, then you got to try out 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks. With the 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks, you just have to say goodbye to having cold feet during the winter season.

The 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks is very cool and are supersoft, made with aluminum threads woven which is breathable, and nylon knit fabric. It is very easy to wear and use without you feeling as though you have a heavy sock on your feet.

It is ideal for those who love to engage in outdoor activities such as hunting, hockey players, hikers, lacrosse game, and cold weather bikers. It is lightweight and easy to wash even when used with washing machine and dryer to dry the socks.

The 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks is perfect for everyone which makes it unique for women, men, and children as it comes with multiple sizes.

 The Good

  • It is lightweight
  • It is very easy to wear and wash
  • It is breathable
  • It is very soft and keeps the feet warm as long as you have it on your feet
 The Bad

  • It can’t be used on smooth surface

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Other Products to Consider

1# Heat Holders Men’s Original 2.3 tog Winter Thermal Socks

Well, this is specially made for men with the goal to keep your feet warm. Wow! It comes in 23 different colors which you can choose depending on your preference. The Socks is made of 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester, and 1% Elastane.

It’s a great sock, valuable and very reliable to keep your feet warm. It is made of the highest material to ensure that you don’t feel any cold on your feet. It is only made for men and can be used any time of the day just to ensure that the feet are warm.

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2# 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks

The 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks is a powerful socks that is very cool and soft when on as it is made with aluminum threads woven into a breathable, nylon knit fabric. It is very easy to wear and can be used for outdoor events such as hunting, hockey, lacrosse, skier, and hiking.

The socks are washable and can be used with washing machine. It is lightweight, and you wouldn’t feel the weight of having anything on your feet. It is a perfect solution for those in need of a means to warm the feet without having more money to spend.

For those who don’t have a fund to get heated foot pad, heated blanket, having the pair of the socks is very good, and since the central heater can’t get to your room, it is advisable that you use the socks so that your feet don’t get cold before you wake.

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35 below socks reviews is a post on everything you need to know about keeping your feet warm. The socks are very easy to use and a perfect way to keep your feet warm in cases whereby you don’t have the money to get a heated blanket, heated foot pad to use during cold and winter season.

The winter season isn’t bearable because it is too cold and that affects one level of productivity but with the heated socks, it is a sure material to complement your insulated boot and keep your feet warm and dry.

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