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Not only John Abdo can give solid information on Ab doer 360 reviews; I as well can show you all we know about the product because I’ve got several experiences with it and we are glad to share with you. By the way who is John Abdo? He is the man that manufactured the abdoer 360 exercise machine.

Who is John Abdo?

He is a sports physiologist that worked for years as a strength and conditioning coach with a popular Olympic team in the year 1970’s and 80’s. He is responsible for the production of the abdoer machine, and he wouldn’t have achieved it without the equipment or instruments of thane international.

What is Abdoer 360?

The abdoer machine is a compact yet lightweight exercise equipment that is very easy to assemble, and the goal for using it is to help users tone their abs, tighten and shape their muscles and also burn both fat and calories in the body. The Ab doer 360 is powerful workout equipment that is aimed at the abdominal area and the core part of your body through multiple movements to get a better look.

Although it comes disassembled, it is very easy to assemble even without the use of any tools, and it is seen to help build muscles in some targeted body parts. Without a doubt, the exercise equipment can be used any time of the day, but the only setback is that it is convenient to move from one place to another.

What are the benefits of using Ab Doer 360?

Strengthen the muscles

The exercise on the ab doer 360 gets the whole of your body involved but the one to consider now is your body muscle. It helps to build the body muscles and ensure that you build and maintain a good shape. It works effectively with a positive result on muscle building as it can be compared with some bodybuilding exercise such as weightlifting.

Helps in gaining stamina

The ab doer 360 helps any individual to build more stamina and balance. Although, it requires a sitting posture to use, through different movement such as twisting from the right to the left requires stamina and the equipment helps you thrive on this part.

Home use

You might not have the luxury of time to hit the gym, and this makes the device the best to use for the type of people like you who can mix fun with exercise even while on a tight schedule. You can make use of the device anytime you feel like and it is very effective for both and women of every age, size, and type.

Supplementary back massage

The Abdoer 360 exercise machine comes with double foam roller system that gives every user a great comforting body massage to your back muscles and all the sides of the spine. Apart from the fact that it helps to strengthen the body muscles and builds stamina, it helps to ensure that your back muscles are well aligned with what you are doing without experiencing tears.

Ab doer 360 components

  • Padded seat
  • Targets core
  • Massage while exercising
  • 360-degree movement

Padded seat: The exercise device comes with a padded seat to ensure that you get the best workout session you deserve without discomfort. The seat is to ensure that you get relaxed and comfortable to enjoy your workout whenever you are on the exercise machine

Target core: It works excellently well when it comes to targeting the core and the abs, and within a week of using the exercise device you will see a change in your stomach.

Massage while exercising: Most people will have to massage their body after exercise, and this device comes with the core and massage in one device. It shows that while having your workout routine, you get the massage session going on as well.

360-degree movement: the device can move in 360-degree direction to ensure you that you get the best of the device.

ab doer 360 reviews

Does ab doer works?

You might have to put aside all that you’ve heard about the Abdoer and how it works. Some believe it works for weight loss and many more but here is the truth you need to know about the device.

Of course, it is aimed to burn the stomach fat and give you the six packs that you desire. The truth is that the Abdoer will not burn the fat off your stomach or any other part of your body as it was claimed to. The only thing I can testify to this device doing is to convert the fat in your body to muscle and help you build a good shape.

The Abdoer has elevated bars that help to ensure that the body of the user is well aligned during exercise. It plays a major role to decrease back discomfort and also improves one’s flexibility irrespective of the age and size.

Without a doubt, the Abdoer is one of the best home exercise equipment that every homeowner who can’t hit the gym should consider. It comes with all that is required to get you fit. The machine takes a sitting position to use, and you can move around about 360 degrees for a different type of exercise.

The exercise machine is said to work for the abs and core, and with my personal experience, it works for the core and while for the abs, you will need to add some additional workout routine to your program to get the abs that you desire.

As regarding building strength and stamina, I remain skeptical about the device because it does little work in building your muscle while incorporating another exercise equipment might be a great decision to compliment the work of the Abdoer.

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Frequently asked questions about the Abdoer 360

Q: What are the side effects of Ab Doer 360?
A: The Abdoer 360 exercise machine doesn’t seem to have a negative influence on the body, but the likely issue might include sore muscles, abdominal pain, and upset stomach.

Q: What comes with the Ab Doer 360?
A: The Ab Doer 360 comes a quick start guide, a wall chart, workout DVD and a measuring tape.

Q: Is the Ab-Doer 360 right for me?
A: This is a personal question, and I wouldn’t say what might work for you, but I suggest you try it out to know.

Q: Does Ab Doer 360 work?
A: This depends on what you want to do with the device. However, much has been discussed about this in the main body of this article

Q: How much does Ab Doer 360 cost?
A: The Ab Doer 360 costs $219.

Q: What is the BBB rating for the company behind Ab Doer 360?
A: Thane International, the company behind the manufacturing of the Ab Doer

Q: Where can I buy Ab-Doer 360?
A: Ab-Doer 360 can be purchased on the official site and also on Amazon.

Q: How should I use the Ab Doer 360?
A: the best place to get to know that is through the use of the instructional manual.


The Ab doer 360 reviews are to showcase all that is needed to know about the quality exercise device that can be used to achieve different workout routine. It works excellently, and it’s a perfect device for those on a tight schedule without the privilege to hit the gym.

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