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Best Axial Rock Crawler – RC Off-Road Rock Crawler

There are many reasons you should consider axial crawler and one of them is the ability to climb rocks, mountains, and other terrains easily. They are to be considered for areas and terrains where cars or buggies would not be able to tackle. For those who are yet to know what axial crawler is, just sit back as you read our post on the best axial rock crawler you should consider.

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Cushion Cut Diamond Rings History and Guidelines

A cushion-cut diamond combines a square cut with round shaped corners and deep cuts. It is somewhere between a rectangle and oval. The diamonds have rounded edges of oval, but it is a more square shape. Its rounded corners and curves make it elegant and give modern appeal. These shape diamonds are the most popular engagement ring styles. It is suitable for diamond lovers. Its smooth shape makes it versatile. The cushion cut diamond boast facets along with the high crown.

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