Top 5 Best Bookshelf Speakers Of All Time

Choosing the best bookshelf speakers of all time can be somewhat tricky, especially if you’ve got not much-using experience on a bookshelf speaker. The good news here is that we have made your search much more comfortable with our in-depth bookshelf speaker reviews and buying guide to help you make the most fitting choice.

Top 5 Best Bookshelf Speakers Of All Time

In this article we will review one of the best selling bookshelf speakers models of all time, you may buy the Edifier R1700BT without much thinking.

Edifier R1700BT Review

Edifier a company that has been working on sound for quite a lot of time has built an empire for music based on love ethics, and prosperity alongside Sony, JBL, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and so on.

Edifier has been upgrading the quality of music side by side and delivers the best possible environment through music and well the list of the devices that 85 manufactures every single day just goes on from earphones to premium speakers they’ve got it all.

Today we’re gonna show you a bookshelf speaker from Edifier which despite of being a little bit old by now still gives a massive hit in consumer-level what we mean is you may talk about a lot of bare bushel speakers.

That is fantastic in terms of performance build quality and others but what is more intriguing is that you’re getting this amazingly built R 1700 BT Bluetooth speaker from Edifier at just 150 dollars.

How much more awesome could it be well what is more awesome is the speaker itself first of all it is a multifunctional speaker not so big not so small either that does meet your everyday need for music.

It doesn’t matter what kind of device you may have if it supports Bluetooth do you try every single device off with it can be a game console like PlayStation portable or widely known as psp you can plug in your computer to get the best experience in games like grand theft auto, far cry or many more.

Where alongside the storyline the sound effect matters the most you can also connect this speaker to your TV for watching movies with family or enjoy late-night premier league sessions with your friends and witness the best out of that.

So you can be assured that this multi-functional excellence coming out from this pair of the speaker is just unparalleled and delivers sheer entertainment value compared to other models at this price point.

Anyways the R1700BT has digital signal processing or shortly known as dsp and dynamic range control or DRC to prevent a good level of distortion while using the speaker.

Each of these speakers has eagle eye tweeters that are 90 millimeters in size and lives up to its reputation and demand which genuinely makes the lightest of sounds much clearer than ever and you will realize how satisfying it is while listening to music with the speaker.

If you take a closer look at this pair of harmony you’ll definitely get amazed with its sophisticated design.

This speaker has been enclosed in hand-picked walnut vinyl for a real elegant look and you’ll also notice that there’s a 10-degree angle to direct, the sound exactly at you ensuring less interference and creates a better listening environment for you.

The high-quality classic wood finish will serve a really great complement to any house duke or so you see this is a great piece of art for your home and Edifier left no stone unturned to ensure that level of ergonomics in the speaker.

Now about the base which in general people cared, the most about is really solid the 4-inch base drivers in each speaker create very rich lows and perfectly clear highs there’s a front-facing base reflex port which is considered as one of the most fascinating engineering emphasis on the speaker.

What it does is the low frequencies are enhanced significantly so that the speaker while delivering prominent sound quality gives the bass more power the control knobs are conveniently located on the side of the speaker.

So taking control of audio bass and treble is goanna be pretty easy one helpful thing that also comes along with the speaker is a good looking wireless remote which can make you alter your music from the ease of your couch.

This remote is compact in size that will help you manage volume and select input sources from across the room.

If you’re watching a movie or playing video games controlling the speaker is undoubtedly gonna be a breeze doesn’t matter what kind of entertainment genre you’re enjoying and both of the speakers have great power output delivering an RMS value of 15 watts on both twitters and 18 watts of power on the larger ones.

So it’s truly got a balanced result indeed this 85 speakers comes with all the cables that you’ll potentially need in order to enjoy your music right out of the box.

It’s got total 3 cables that are RCA to RCA, RCA to the 3.5-millimeter audio jack, and the 4 pin cable which comes with the right-sided master speaker and has to be connected to the left-sided speaker to ensure proper connectivity one drawback of the speaker.

That may not sound very serious to a lot of people but its power cable cannot be detached which can help you to take it just anywhere plus its 5-meter speaker cable is basically giving you the freedom of setting it up in small to big size room.

So if you’re just sitting in a room or practicing dance in a big auditorium this speaker will definitely hit the floor and talking about hitting the floor.

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So we guess that covers up everything about the R1700BT Bluetooth speaker from Edifier, hopefully, our buying guide of the best bookshelf speakers of all time has helped you to focus your selections on finding the best bookshelf speaker with your budget. It’s high time to go on ahead to purchase your ideal perfect bookshelf speaker and get a musical time start.

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