Best Exercise Equipment For Bad Knees

Exercising with a bad knee can be excruciating as the wrong exercise or exercise equipment can cause more harm than good. this is why running and other high-impact exercises are unadvisable for an individual with the bad knee(s).

Having a bad knee can be discouraging at times and make you feel like an end has come to your exercises and daily routines. But a bad knee doesn’t necessarily stop your routines, it only means that you need proper workouts to strengthen knees and a new strategy and equipment for your exercises.

While the various equipment in a gym may look inviting, you know you can’t just jump on any of them, hence our need to compile a list of some low-impact exercise equipment that are safe for use and won’t pose any additional strain or injury to your knee.

Best Exercise Equipment For Bad Knees

But even with these low impact exercise equipment, you may need to talk to your physiotherapist or gym trainer on how to achieve the best support and tension level. Some of the best low impact exercise equipment are:

Recumbent bike: do you love to cycle but feel you can no longer do that because of your bad knee? a recumbent bike is your best bet. the recumbent bike allows you to sit comfortably while you pedal the bike forward with stretched legs as against the usual bent leg position for most regular bikes.

The bike seat has a back support which add no extra strain to the back as it sits you low, close to the ground thus minimizing the pressure on your spine and hips. a recumbent bike is effective for cardio workout especially for the lower parts of the body without stressing the upper parts of the body.

Mini-stepper: the ideal mini stepper for someone with a bad knee is the one with resistance handles that allows for tension adjustment when you change your grip. the mini stepper is effective for full body workout with little or no impact on your knees.

Strider machine: this exercise equipment offers a full-body workout without bending your knees.

Leg press machine: The leg press machine lets you perform movements as you would on a normal day. movements such as standing upright and the likes. this further strengthens your  legs and relieves back and knee pains.

Elliptical machine: an elliptical machine offers a full-body workout with no stress on the knee joints. the elliptical trainer proves effective for people with bad knees especially with proper posture. it is an adjustable machine built to accommodate beginners with an additional resistance for a more intense workout. elliptical machines offers an option of running, walking or biking while the legs propel movement.

Resistance Training machine: resistance training machines allows you to perform exercises such as leg curls or extensions without posing a threat to the knees. leg curls are mainly for stretching the hamstring muscles at the back of your legs while leg extensions work mainly for the quadriceps on the front part of the leg. it is usually advisable to workout with lighter weights up to heavyweights to avoid straining your bad knees.

Rowing machine: a rowing machine moves forward and backward on a rail as it offers cardiovascular support to the body. to use this machine, you strap in your feet and sit on the rowing seat. as the rowing machine moves back and forth, you then hold onto a bar near your feet and pull toward the stomach even as you push with the feet. this allows you to build your arms and back without straining the knees.

There are many other exercise machines you can choose to for anyone with knee problems. Knee problem can also be known as arthritis and in such conditions, there are many ways to get rid of it medically.

The use of exercise machine isn’t a means to cure bad knees but to enhances the healing process and makes the knee healthy. We have made the list of the best we think you can choose if you have bad knees and you never want to give up on daily exercise routines. Choose the right one for you to get your knees back to the good state.