Top 5 Best Full Tower PC Cases Reviews

While smaller form factor cases are becoming more and more popular larger cases have always held a spatial place in the heart of enthusiast PC builders full tower cases give system builders more room for more components offer better airflow and provide more customization options.

So, In this article, we’re gonna take a look at the five of the best fuel tower cases available currently on the market.

The article delivers a complete buying guide for tech enthusiasts here we try our best to make you pick the best pc components laptops and other products with brief technical information pros and cons ratings and recommendations our expert team tests reviews and benchmarks thousands of products to come up with the list of the best and latest products along with recommendations for the readers to know what is the best choice for you.

Affordable 5 Best Full Tower PC Cases

5. Thermaltake View 71 – Full Tower Computer Case


The Thermaltake View 71 full tower Tracy features unrivaled cooling support and expandability surrounded in tempered glass for an amazing view this full tower case features four tempered glass side panels with swinging doors that offer a clear view of your high-end internal components for cooling your components.

Thermaltake includes three RGB fans and supports up to nine 120 millimeter fans in total along with up to a 420-millimeter radiator that will keep your PC parts cool.

The wheel 71 comes with several drive bays which can hold up to seven storage drives for fulfilling your storage need furthermore.

Thermaltake 71 has designed this case to support the installation of graphics cars and radiators parallel to the motherboard providing spectators a better view than a typical design.

If you are looking for a case with full tempered glass along with great airflow then look no further as the Thermaltake view 71 is a good option for you and considering all these features we have given it the fifth position on our list.


  • Expansion Slots: 8
  • Maximum PSU Length: 8.66″
  • Maximum GPU Length: 16.14″
  • Supported PSU Size:  ATX
  • Weight: 41.7Ib

  • Tempered glass side panels
  • Can support RGB LEDs and RGB fans
  • Lots of room inside for components and cooling
  • 4 tempered glass panels


4. Phanteks ENTHOO ELITE – Full Tower, Aluminum Exterior


We have the Phanteks Enthoo Elite a full tower PC case which is large enough that it feeds the most massive motherboards and even has room for a second mini it’s letting you build two full PCs in one case.

Featuring a four millimeter sandblasted aluminum exterior and tool-less four-millimeter tempered glass window the n2 elite is made of beautiful materials engineered with the utmost care and attention to detail when it comes to cooling.

You can install as long as a 560-millimeter radiator in all locations of the case and it comes included with five 140 millimeter fans along with two PWM fan hubs in total, you can install 20 120 millimeter fans or 17 140 millimeter fans which is pretty remarkable although.

The two hubs can only control 12 fans between them on the hidden front io there is even a dial to let you jog between colors and moments of the elite lighting system on this same concealed panel you’ll find USB 3.0 ports USB-c and even HDMI to easily set up your virtual reality headset.

If you’re looking for the ultimate case with tons of room for activities and have the budget to spend then the Phanteks Enthoo Elite is a premium option for you and that is why it has taken the fourth position on our list.


  • Form Factor: Extreme Full Tower
  • PCI Slots: 10
  • Case Drive Bays: (x6) 2.5in (x13) 3.5in
  • Fan Support: 20x 120mm, 17x 140mm
  • Radiator Support: Up to 560mm
  • Weight: 72pounds

  • Tons of room
  • Packaged well
  • Near infinite options in setup
  • Includes tons of extra pieces and parts for adaptability

  • Heavy
  • Bit Expensive


3. be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 – Full Tower PC Case Cheap


The be Quiet Dark Bass Pro 900 build an eye-catching pc that is designed to stay cool while keeping noise to a minimum level with this full tower case from be Quiet for specs.

It can hold Graphics cards as long as 18.6 inches and CPU coolers as tall as 7.3 inches the case also supports liquid cooling radiators as long as 420 millimeters and can hold a radiator in four different locations for maximum cooling performance.

Base pro 900 also has plenty of modification options for installing drives and supports 10 mounting positions for installing fans it comes with three pre-installed 140-millimeter PWM fans along with eye-catching internal LED illumination with six switchable colors.

It also comes with an integrated wireless charger for the QI-enabled devices with its smart silence concept the Dark Base Pro 900 revolution 2 is an idle case for the requirements of overclocked systems and super silent water-cooled pc and that is why we have PlayStation number 3 on our list.

If you are looking for a versatile high-end full tower case for your upcoming build then this whole tower case is a good option for you.


  • Expansion Slots: 8x Full Height
  • Supported PSU Size: ATX
  • CPU Cooler Height: 7.28″
  • Maximum GPU Length: 18.58″
  • Fan Controller Included: Yes
  • Weight: 41.60Ibs

  • Wireless Qi charging
  • Troubling PSU mount
  • Fully modular
  • Filtered intakes

  • Troubling PSU mount


2. Cooler Master Cosmos C700P


Cooler master cosmos C700p is a full tower case that is designed to look good and has great airflow without sacrificing any functionality it comes with a light tint and tempered glass side panel with two curved edges that offer a wide view of the system built.

It supports a total of nine 120 millimeter fans and up to a 420 mm radiator and comes with plenty of drive bays to fulfill your storage needs with a graphics card clearance of 19.3 inches and a CPU cooler height clearance of 7.8 inches on any graphics card or CPU cooler on the market can fit inside.

The system there are numerous expansion options and good connectivity options available with four USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3.1 type c port along with fan speed and an RGB control button with a sleek design along with great airflow.

The Cosmos C700p will cool your component with style and that is why it has taken the second position on our list if you are in the market for a new pc case that has good airflow acceptable aesthetics and a subtle blend of RGB then the Cooler master cosmos C700p is a great option for you.


  • Expansion Slots: 8
  • Radiator Compatibility: Up to 420mm
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 200mm
  • Materials: Steel, Plastic, Tempered Glass, Aluminum
  • Weight: 48.94Ibs

  • Incredibly modular interior
  • Excellent internal build quality
  • Excellent production quality

  • Heavy
  • Expensive


1. Corsair Obsidian 1000D – Best Full Tower Case


The Corsair Obsidian 1000D an ultimate full-tower pc case able to house, the most incredible components within its iconic tempered glass design hinge tempered glass and aluminum doors make accessing your system a breeze while a dual system layout lets you install two full pcs into a single case it can fit both.

The complete eatx and mini itx system concurrently so you can stream and game smoothly from one enclosure, It comes with massive cooling options that support up to 18 fan mounts and room for up to four 480 millimeter radiators simultaneously for ultimate cooling performance.

It comes with an RGB LED lead front panel that includes six USB ports including one type c for feature proof and backward compatible connectivity a rotatable GPU bracket for standard or vertical GPU mounting and a wealth of pump and reservoir fit points throughout.

The case make 1000 in the most flexible and modular car share case ever and considering all these features, we have given it the best position on our list for a well-off DIY pc enthusiast who want to make a midlife crisis gaming rig with mass radiators and graduates fan and storage capacity than the corsair obsidian 1000D dual-system PC case could be a viable option.


  • Expansion Slots: 10
  • Case Drive Bays: (x6) 2.5in (x5) 3.5in
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 180mm
  • Maximum GPU Length: 400mm
  • Radiator Compatibility: Up to 480mm
  • Weight: 29.5KG

  • Tons of space
  • Fans are super quiet
  • Easy removal of drive cages

  • No side panel hinges
  • Front panel easy to come off when pushing

So that was all about the five best full-tower pc cases that you can get in 2020 Hopefully, our buying guide of the full tower pc cases has helped you to focus your selections on finding that which works best for you, and even your budget. It’s high time to go on ahead to purchase your ideal perfect full-tower pc cases and get the top one.