Best Lighting For Streaming In 2021

Making your video looks professional is one of the biggest tasks when streaming a video. The goal of everyone streaming tutorial video, YouTube video, and Instagram video to mention a few is never to appear less professional, and that is why you need the best lighting for streaming. 

Whatever video you are making for any cause, you need the best lighting to offer quality video to your audience. One of the things that will keep your audience on your video is the quality and clarity of the video. It shows how important it is with getting your lighting rightly.

Importance of choosing the best lighting kit for streaming

There are different types of lighting for streaming. Irrespective of the video you are about to stream, you should consider getting the best, and your main reason for that is because of the quality and the clarity of the video.

No one, I repeat no one will ever want to watch a video with lower visual quality. Is that a costly assumption? I think I’m right. I remember during training as a cinematographer, one of the things learned is that always offer the best that will make your audience ask for more.

Best Lighting For Streaming

8 Best Lighting For Streaming For 2021

Let’s go through the list of the best lighting kit you can always consider for streaming. 

1. Elgato Key Light Professional Studio LED Panel with 2500 Lumens

The Elgato Key Light is one of the reputable lighting kits for streaming that you should consider. The lighting kit comes with a flawless design to meet with the demands for creating a high-quality video. It offers quality light for streaming on twitch.

Most people think it is expensive while I think the price is the right value for its quality. The light is built well, made of metal and it doesn’t get hot during operation. You shouldn’t go on full brightness because of the sharpness. 

One of the advantages the light offers to your streaming is that it doesn’t leave sharp shadows and ensure the light it gives out is evenly distributed. You can adjust the color spectrum of the light from 2900K to 7000K. At one touch of a button, you can have all the three lights turned on, and then set the proper lighting for your streaming. 

The installation of the light is more straightforward, as said earlier. It comes with vertical desk mounts which are well built. The ball mount at the top is metal, and they lock down firmly in place. With buttons on the light, you can easily set the light brightness, switch it on or off. 

The light comes with app-enabled the feature, and it is just a single light as some think it is a set. The light is safe to use for anyone as it doesn’t have any threat to your wellbeing. It is well built to impressively keeping the heat low. 

Key features:

  • Easy to adjust settings via screen 
  • Ultra-bright and adjustable
  • Good color temperature 
  • Opal glass face for balanced lighting
  • Keep the heat very low
Elgato Key Light, Professional Studio LED Panel With 2800 Lumens,...
  • App-enabled: Adjust settings via your screen for accurate real-time feedback
  • Ultra-bright and adjustable 2800 lumens and fully dimmable
  • Versatile color temperature: 2900 – 7000 K produces cold through warm white

2. Neewer Outer Dimmable SMD LED – Best ring light for streaming

Got to know how exactly the Neewer Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light Lighting Kit worked during my mum’s birthday when a makeup artist was available to help beautify her face. It had two different lightings which were visible to me as one has a white filter, and the second has an orange filter.

The light kit is a perfect choice for the photographer and those who love to stream video. The package comes with a single LED right light, single light stand, four white filters, single hot-shoe adapter single power adapter, single US plug, and one rotatable smartphone holder. 

The light kit is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. The light has adjustable light settings as it comes with 240 pieces of LED bulbs. The ring light is portable and quite easier to move from one place to another. It is portable and lightweight. 

It comes with a sturdy stand that has an adjustable height which ranges from 36.2 inches to 78.7 inches. The material is made of aluminum alloy, and with the three-leg stage design, you can have the light balanced on any surface and also maintain a certain position using the solid locking system. 

The ring light works on a power supply of 55 W, and it has a color temperature of 5500K, dimmable range from 1% to 100 % and a total illumination of 4800LM. It also comes with 360-degree rotatable phone holder for those who love to take photo and stream using their phone.

Key features:

  • Aluminum Alloy Light Stand
  • Hot Shoe Adapter and Phone Holder
  • LED Bulbs: 240 pieces
  • Total Power: 55W
  • Color Temperature: 5500K
  • Dimming range: 1%-100%
  • Total illumination: 4800LM
Neewer 18-inch SMD LED Ring Light Dimmable Lighting Kit with 78.7-inch...
  • KIT INCLUDES: (1)LED Ring Light, (1)Light Stand, (4)White Filter, (4)Orange Filter, (1)Hot Shoe Adapter, (1)Power Adapter, (1)US Plug, (1)Rotatable Smart Phone Holder; Widely applied to outdoor photo light, filling light indoors, portrait, fashion, live show, wedding art, advertisement photography, shooting video, etc; NOTE: Camera, smart phone and carrying bag are not included
  • Dimmable SMD LED RING LIGHT: Dimmable 18 inches/48 centimeters LED SMD Ring Light comes with 240 pieces LED bulbs with a wide dimming range from 1%-100%; Special LED SMD design; lightweight and portable; Constant current drive, low power loss
  • STURDY SUPPORT STAND: Adjustable height ranges from 36.2 inches/92 centimeters to 78.7inches/200 centimeters; Equipped with 1/4 inch screw thread on the top; Made of aluminum alloy; Pretty stable 3-leg stage design and solid locking system keeps all your stuff in safe without any wobble when in use

3. Neewer Photography Bi-color Dimmable LED Softbox Lighting

Here is a resourceful streaming light in Neewer Photography Bi-color Dimmable LED Softbox Lighting. It is a dynamic style of lighting that is prominent in cinematography. It offers one of the best environments for you to have the best streaming to produce quality and clear videos.

It is a great value for its price considering its quality, features, and the materials it is made from. The lighting is perfect for photography, Youtube video streaming, live show, and many more. It is a great device for those looking out for simple operation lighting. 

From the operation of the device, it offers great lighting and ensures it eliminate shadows by spreading the light throughout the environment of shooting. This is an upgrade to the previous version that comes with a fluorescent bulb. It now comes with 45W dimmable LED bulbs with two different color temperature. 

You have all that is required to start using the lighting kit as it comes with all required accessories. With the two temperature, it has 2700K and 5500K, the brightness ranges from 1% to 100%, and that can be adjusted using the knobs at the back. 

To ensure the lighting kit doesn’t get too hit, a safety measure is put in place in the cooling fan that was included. It helps in the dissipation of heat when the device is in operation. Some other features of the lighting include the LED holder, which enables 180-degree shooting and light stand. 

Key features:

  • Adjustable light stand 
  • 180-degree LED holder
  • Bi-color 45W dimmable LED light head
  • Adjustable Brightness: 1%-100%
  • 2 Color Temperature: 2700K and 5500K
Neewer Photography Bi-color Dimmable LED Softbox Lighting Kit:20x27...
  • KIT INCLUDES: (2)Photo Studio Softbox with 45W Dimmable LED Light Head, (2)Aluminum Alloy Light Stand, (2)Power Adapter with US Plug, (2)Power Cable, (1)Large Carrying Bag; Perfect to use in portrait photography, live show, YouTube video shooting, home studio, etc
  • BI-COLOR 45W DIMMABLE LED LIGHT HEAD: 45W Dimmable LED Bulbs with 2 Color Temperature (2700K and 5500K); The brightness (from 1%-100%) can be adjusted easily by knobs on the back; The Built-in Cooling Fan of the Led Light Head improves the dissipation of heat while in operation, increasing the service life of the lamp
  • STUDIO SOFTBOX: 20x27 inches Studio Softbox reflector with diffuser, White diffuser included can soften the harsh light source and enhance the skin tone in portrait photographyis, giving you better even lighting, help your photography casting even lighting

4. GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits with APP For Video

The GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits with APP Control meet all you need from a lighting device. Are you into cinematography, photography or you have a Youtube channel, and you have to stream video most times? This is the perfect lighting choice for you.

The lighting kit is made of aerospace aluminum allow which makes it durable, and it has non-slip material on the stand to keep it in a perfect position, the heat dissipation features are such a plus to it as it helps to prolong the lifespan of the device and make it safe for users.

It has U-mount design, and with the easy to adjust lock knob, you can have it installed in your best position to get your desired shot. The lighting kit can be powered with AC adapter that is included in the package, but it also allows wireless powering through the use of Sony F970/750 Li-ion battery which you have to buy separately. 

The lighting kit comes with 480 pieces of LED bulbs, and it has a color temperature between 2300K to 6800K and high brightness between 10% to 100%. This new version of the lighting integrates a digital display screen to help you see the parameters clearly. 

The light is adjustable, and the overwhelming part of the lighting kit is that it comes with the app-controlled feature. It means you can control the lighting right from your mobile device without the need for you to move closer to where the lighting kit is positioned. 

Key features:

  • Powered with AC Adapter
  • U-mount bracket design. Easier to adjust lock knob toward different angle for the best shooting
  • Made of Aerospace aluminum alloy
  • High heat dissipation
  • 480pcs durable LED bubs.
  • Color temperature adjusts from 2300k-6800k
  • The brightness between 10% and 100%
GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits with APP Control, Bi-Color Variable...
  • Led video lighting kit with app control: 2019 upgrade video lighting kit, app control model, whose Color temperature is between 2300k-6800k and high brightness is between 10%-100%, has a new addition of digital display screen, accurately displaying the parameters.
  • Adjustable light board: The video Lighting’s light is distributed and with an adjustable soft board, it’s very helpful for portrait and video.
  • Ac/ DC power options: wireless operation with AC adapter (supplied) or Sony NP-F550 np-f970 Li-ion battery (not included)

5. Fovitec Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

The next we have on our list of the amazing lighting kits for streaming is the Fovitec Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit. There are many ways you can improve the quality of your video and offer the best to your audience, and one of them is through lightning.

If you have a better lighting kit to enhance your recording, photoshoot, or interview, you will always be proud of the end product. Of which among many lighting kits that can offer you the best platform, you can’t overlook the influence of Fovitec Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit.

The lighting kit doesn’t come with an LED bulb but fluorescent bulb. It gives a bright white color. You have to install the fluorescent bulb into the softbox by holding the bulb by the base and then screw into the bulb socket.

The lighting package comes with 2x 7’6″ stands, 3x 20″x28″ softboxes, 2x 5 socket head, 1x 1 socket head, 1x boom stand w/ sandbag, 11x 45W bulbs, 1x bag. It is one of the best to consider for online video and streaming. It uses 45W bulb, and it delivers accurate colors.

Key features:

  • Energy output of 2000 watt incandescent lights
  • Adjustable Height from 2’8″ to 7’6″
  • Mounts on any standard light stand
  • Standard bulb mount
  • Maximum capacity is 85W Bulbs
  • Holds up to 5 bulbs
  • 3 on/off switches located on the back
Fovitec - 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit for Photo & Video...
  • Contents: 2x 5-socket heads w/20"x28" softboxes, 1x 1-socket head w/built-in 20"x28" softbox, 11x 45W lamps, 2x 7'6" light stands, 1x boom stand, 1x carry bag
  • Great for Photo & Video: YouTube tutorials, Twitch livestreaming, studio portraits, & headshots
  • Why This Kit?: The added boom lets you create a beautiful hairlight

6. MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

The MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit is another softbox lighting device we have on our list for you. It is one of the affordable lighting kits for those who are on a low budget but need quality lighting device for their streaming or photography work. It works more like a high-end lighting kit.

The lighting kit has flawless design, and it is made from premium material which is the secret of why it can offer soft and bright light to make your project come out attractive and acceptable. It is ideal for anyone irrespective of your level of professionalism. It is very easy to control or operate. You have got a great lighting kit here.

It is lightweight and portable, so easy to move from one place to another without stress. The length of the stand is adjustable for you to have a smooth operation with the lighting kit. The kit uses 135W light bulb which you need to screw into the softbox socket. 

The softbox comes with adjustable lamp holder of about 210 degree, which gives you the platform to shoot from multiple angles to meet your shooting needs. It is very easy to set up within a few minutes. 

Key features:

  • Adjustable & Affordable Stable Stand
  • 210 Degree Adjustable Softbox Head
  • Secure Locking System
  • Light Weight for Portability
  • Easy to Assemble and Dissemble
  • Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
  • Saves Energy Up to 80% – Regular Screw Base
  • Color Temperature: 5500K – Watts: 135W
MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit 20"X28" Professional Photography...
  • 【Energy Saving Bulbs】: Our video lighting kit has two 95W light bulbs with a standard E27 socket.5500k color temperature:You can feel the daylight even in a dim environment. 2 x 95W bulbs save energy up to 80% and last approx 8000 hours,energy saving and sufficient lighting.While saving energy, the light is not weak, it can balance the pure white daylight and provide a natural photography environment.
  • 【210° Rotatable Head&Flexible Softbox Stand】: Studio light stand tripod is 27 to 80 inch adjustable height tripod. Made of premium aluminum alignment with 1/4 screw mounting on top to satisfy different photographers.The bracket is composed of sturdy materials to ensure maximum durability and stability.Softbox photo lighting angle can be 210° adjustable lamp holder, can adapt different shooting needs, give you the suitable light from multiple angles, setting-easy with a few minutes.
  • 【Super Quality Material】: 20 x 28inch Softbox light reflector made of professional particulate silver film reflective fabric with nylon white screen soften the hard light and eliminate object shadows. One-piece opening and folding easy to use and store. E26/E27 standard size 110-130V bulb socket.The soft box can diffuse light and provide the soft light beam to eliminate shadows and take perfect pictures.

7. Mobile Live Stream Equipment – light for facebook live

Here you have a dynamic multi-purpose device that is perfect for photography, streaming, and video recording. This is a device that is perfect for those that loves to do a tutorial video on youtube and many more from their mobile device. 

It is a mobile live streaming device with iphone mount that can hold mobile devices of about 6.3 inches screen. It has cast-iron case that comes with anti-slip bottom pad to help in stabilizing the stand so that it doesn’t shake when you are recording. 

The device comes with a mount for the mic to help you produce your video in excellent sound quality by attaching a plug and the play the microphone. The device does not need any battery to work. It is only powered using a USB cable. 

It is effortless to use and compatible with any phone. Also, it has a perfect halo circle lamp tabletop stand for streaming video of all kind. 

Key features:

  • Top ironwork LED ring light stand
  • Superior mounting clamp
  • 3 lighting tone (cool white, warm yellow, mixed)
  • 9-Level Brightness by the push of a button
Mobile Live Stream Equipment, Phone and Mic Stand with Light,...
  • SOLID MOBILE LIVE STREAM EQUIPMENT - Upgraded reinforced iPhone mount holds up to 6.3" screen mobiles and smart devices. Cast iron base with anti-slip bottom pad provide great weight in stability to stand firmly during live stream/live broadcast/live show tutorial. Bring you a unparalleled experience from makeup vlogging, selfie photos to video chatting in dark or product photography.
  • EXTRA MOUNT FOR MIC - Produce your video in excellent sound quality by attach a plug and play microphone. Easy adjustable gooseneck long arm can be position in any angle to enhance audio recording result. (Microphone NOT included)
  • SO EASY TO USE - No battery needed, Powered by USB (computer or power bank) and easily portable. Provids 3 color lighting and 10 level brightness for your preferred needs. Whether you need cool white light or warm yellow light, you can easily produce the lighting you want. Phone mount fits most smartphones include iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, plus, X, LG, Galaxy s5, 6, 7, 8 edge and more

8. FOSITAN LED Video Light

Another quality lighting kit you should consider is the FOSITAN LED Video Light. The lighting kit is made of premium frosted aluminum alloy. It is a high-quality light with superb lightning production to offer you the best streaming production.

It has a greater influence on your video production. It operates on dual battery, and it supports NP-F550 / NP-F750 / NP-F970 battery. The illumination from the lighting kit is up to 3960 LUX/m, and the stand had non-slip feature, U-bracket support, HD LCD display to monitor all parameters.

The lighting kit gives Bi-Color LED Video Light, thereby producing more natural soft light and clean, pure white light with 3200K-5600K 13 level adjustable temperature. The light from the device is dimmable from 0-99% and with the 200 SMD LED, you can always get a realistic color for perfect video production. The light can move around 120 degree, which offers you wide range option to shoot your video. 

Key features:

  • Made of premium aviation frosted aluminum alloy
  • The white diffuser will make the light softer
  • Dual battery and support NP-F550 / NP-F750 / NP-F970 battery
  • 200pcs LED bulb (100pcs Yellow+100pcs White)
  • High heat dissipation
FOSITAN LED Video Light with 79 inches Stand LCD Display Bi-Color 3960...
  • Superior light performance: 200 long- life SMD LED ,5 time as bright as ordinary light beads, 3960 LUX/m, 3200-5600K 13-level color temperature adjustment, 1% -100% stepless brightness adjustment, CRI 96+. High-quality light support to take high-quality photos.
  • Accurate LCD display: There is a high-definition LCD display on the back of the light, which can accurately display the color temperature, brightness, and power, helping you read the parameters of the light and adjust easily.
  • 79-inch adjustable light stand: The stand can be adjusted from 25 inches to 79 inches, to meet different shooting needs and easy to carry. What’s more, its material is durable aluminum alloy.

LED Video Lighting Kits For Streaming

Streaming Light Buyer’s Guide

There are top factors that you should consider when buying lighting for streaming. 

  • The temperature of the light

The temperature of the light is also referred to as white balance, and it is measured in kelvin. It is one of the important factors to consider when buying lighting for streaming or photographic purposes. 

The temperature ranges between 1000 to 10000, and it helps to tell you the color of light is emitted. Higher numbers simply represent bluish light while the lower numbers signify warmer orange-ish color. 

Therefore, if you intend to buy a lighting kit, you should make sure you understand the temperature of the light source. 

  • Light settings and dimmability

To get a quality product with your video, photoshoot, and video recording, you need a quality lighting. So, therefore, you need to get to know the setting of the lighting kit you are about to get. Some are easy to install; some comes with an adjustable feature.

You should consider the lighting kit with adjustable settings as that will help you to adjust to suit your shooting needs easily. Some also come with app compatibility, which makes it easier for you to control the lighting from your mobile device.

  • Recharge

Another factor you should consider is the power source of the lighting kit. Some come with the dual power source in which they can be powered through USB cable or batteries. So you need to consider the type you want before you make any purchase.

  • Lighting option

Another factor to consider is the lighting option. There are two which we have discussed thus far in this post, and they are fluorescent and Led bulb light. You need to choose the one that suits your job to get the best production.

  • Portability

It is the last we choose to share about things to consider. You need to consider the weight of the device. Will you be moving from one place to another or not? If yes, you should consider the one that is portable and lightweight. 


Do not miss out on the best production with streaming and photoshoot. You need the best lighting for streaming to get the best to offer your audience all that will make them require for more. 

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