10 Best Surface Cleaners for Pressure Washers and Attachment

Selection of the best surface cleaners for pressure washers can be somewhat tricky, especially if you’ve got not much operational experience on surface cleaners.

The good news here is that we have made your search much more comfortable with our in-depth surface cleaners and attachment reviews and buying guides to help you make the most profitable choice.

10 Best Surface Cleaners for Pressure Washers & Attachment

Erie Stainless Steel Flat Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer with Wheels


Taking the top spot on our list the Erie stainless steel flat surface cleaner can spray 8 gallons of water per minute it’s equipped with a long handle so you don’t have to bend over to use it and a rugged nylon brush skirt that won’t snag on sharp objects the rubber wheels roll smoothly and it can be assembled in under five minutes it stands up to frequent use.

  • Rubber wheels roll smoothly
  • Ideal for cold & hot water applications.
  • Can spray 8 gallons of water each minute.

Greenworks Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer Attachment


Let’s get started with the list starting off our list at number 10 even though the Greenworks original is limited to a maximum of 2000 psi you can still get reasonable results without digging too far into your wallet it takes little effort to use and prevents water from splashing onto siding and walls so you can avoid water stains it removes surface mold however it doesn’t provide a deep clean and it has a narrow 11-inch cleaning path.

  • Smooth operation and less noise
  • Constant, dependable power time after time.
  • No batteries, No charging, easy plug and go.

Be Surface Cleaner Power Equipment 4000 Psi 20″


The Be whirl away works reliably with up to 4000 psi of pressure making some difficult jobs like cleaning driveways a lot easier it comes with a durable polypropylene cover that will protect it glides over irregular surfaces and is equipped with dual handles for good control but it is overpriced for the quality.

  • Easy to handle.
  • Designed for less operator fatigue.
  • Max temp 180 degrees.
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene cover and nylon brush kit

Sun Joe SPX-PCA10 10-Inch Patio Cleaning Attachment


Our list as long as you don’t plan on cleaning large or heavily soiled areas the Sun Joe SPX-PCA10 10-Inch Patio Cleaning Attachment can be a decent choice it’s very affordable and weighs less than two pounds so it shouldn’t cause fatigue it’s equipped with high-quality fittings and can be controlled with one hand however it’s not suitable for very bumpy surfaces.

  • Deep cleans with ease less time.
  • Durable, multi-purpose brush
  • Transfer adapter included.
  • Can be controlled with one hand.

Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner

electric power pressure washers

The Karcher T300 is made for tricky surfaces like rocky or uneven driveways as it takes out grime without destroying the walkway it has an adjustable pressure dial for control and includes a 32″ wand Extension wand it comes with two integrated carrying handles and stores away compactly but it’s not compatible with all washers.

  • Great for time saver.
  • Variable pressure dial.
  • Two spinning nozzles.
  • Perfect for flat surfaces.

Simpson Cleaning 80165 Surface Scrubber for Cold Water


The Simpson cleaning scrubber has a rugged powder-coated steel case and two rotating high-pressure stainless steel jets that can produce up to 3700 psi those jets are subject to clogging easily if you don’t pre-rinse the area first it doesn’t leave streaks behind however note that you have to use it with cold water only and there’s no tank for detergent.

  • Dual high pressure rotating jets with nozzles.
  • Powder-coated steel deck.
  • Fit with most gas pressure washers

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-18 Surface Cleaner


I’ll throw up our list at number five the Yamaha ACC has a 15-inch diameter that makes it suitable for cleaning large spaces but it’s not so big that it can’t get into some tight areas it connects to virtually any pressure washer and can handle an aggregate driveway without losing stones it takes minimal effort to move and does a good job on brick but no replacement parts are available.

  • 15″ Rotating nozzles
  • Cleans large surfaces up to 4x faster
  • Attaches easily to any quick connect capable pressure washer

Karcher 15-Inch 3200 PSI Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment


Number four the Karcher 15-inch connects quickly to most pressure washers that run at 3200 psi or less it spins two nozzles at a fixed height above the surface being cleaned to ensure it doesn’t cause streaking you can use it on everything from patios to sidewalks to wooden decks it works on vertical surfaces too and its splash-free skirt keeps users dry however the plastic hex nuts loosen over time nearing.

  • Perfect for Flat Surfaces
  • Ideal for use on driveways sidewalks and more
  • Quickly and safely work on wood and composite decks
  • Compatible with gas pressure washers up to 3200 PSI

Briggs & Stratton Surface Cleaner for Gas Pressure Washers


The Briggs and Stratton 6338 features a quick connect attachment that lets you get up and running in seconds the dome design does an excellent job of controlling overspray so neither you nor the wall ends up soaking wet and spattered with dirt rotating jets prevents streaking and it works well on garage floors it’s equipped with an integrated detergent tank.

  • Cleans up to 5X faster
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fits on most brands of gas pressure washers 2200 PSI – 3400 PSI

Twinkle Star 15″ Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with Trigger Gun


The Twinkle star 15″ trigger gun features an ergonomic handle for comfort and a safety lock to prevent any accidental discharge it’s also effective on vertical surfaces like garage doors and siding it works very quickly and a skirt keeps the spray nicely contained it comes with a quality brass connector.

  • High-pressure rotating jets
  • More comfortable and better grip.
  • Can be used with a garden hose (You would need an adapter)

Everything you need to know about a surface cleaner

Hopefully, our buying guide of the best surface cleaners for pressure washers with attachment has helped you to focus your selections on finding that which works best you, the nature of cleaning operation, and even your budget. It’s high time to go on ahead to purchase your ideal perfect surface cleaners for pressure washers and get the brilliant cleaning operation started.