Top 8 Best Tool For Removing Bark In 2022

Are you faced with the challenges of removing bark from the wood compartment? Then this post on the best tool for eliminating bark is for you. Many professions require the removal of bark from wood, such as craft and carpentry.

Either you work as DIYer in a craft firm, a carpenter in any furniture firm, some woods can ever be used without the removal of the bark, and doing that with bare hands might be a challenge you can’t win which then calls for the use of a quality bark stripper tool.

This post covers all you need to know about tools to remove bark from wood and some quality products you can consider in the market.

Best Tool For Removing Bark

Best Bark Removal Tool For Beginners and Professionals

1. Felled Bark Spud Debarking Tool


Stripping the bark of wood is never easy to do without the use of a quality debarking tool. One of the best you should consider is the Felled Bark Spud Debarking Tool. The bark removal tool makes it easier for anyone to remove the bark of wood without hassles.

All that you have to do is to hold the debarking tool at the handle and apply it on the wood while it does its work to penetrate by separating the bark from the rest of the log. One of the advantages of using the felled bark spud debarking tool is that it prevents damages to the wood log while debarking.

The bark removal tool can be used conveniently on small to medium-sized wood logs. It is a great tool to turn to for any word that deals with the removal of bark from the log of wood. The beveled blade is sharp and efficient at finding its way through the wood. 


  • Durable hardwood handle for easy handling
  • Prevents damages to the log when debarking
  • Sharp blade for smooth and easy bark stripping
  • It is very easy and comfortable to use for anyone
  • Built to last with quality materials

  • The debarking tool has no significant setback

2. Timber Tuff TMB-10S 10″ Straight Draw Shave


If you are in search of a comfortable means to get rid of bark from wood for craft use or carpentry work, you have Timber Tuff TMB-10S 10″ Straight Draw Shave as the best option for you. It is not called a debarking tool but a draw shave because of its mode of application or operation.

You have to hold the two handles of the draw shave, apply on the specific area on the wood, and then shave off the unwanted bark. The construction of the bark removal tool boasts of a sharp straight blade of 10 inches with a 30° angle for fast and accurate work. 

It is well built with top-quality material, which makes it last longer. The blade of the draw shave tool is made with steel with the hardness of HRC 30 for quality use. The wood handle makes the tool comfortable to use as it gives you a secure hold. 


  • Perfect for craftwork
  • Very fast and accurate with stripping bark from a log
  • Comfortable and easy to grip handles
  • Easily shaves wood from logs, wood, and fence posts
  • Durable and portable
  • Strong steel blade

  • It has no significant setback

3. Timber Tuff TMB-05DC Curved Draw Shave Tool


Here is another debarking tool from Timber. The Timber Tuff TMB-05DC Curved Draw Shave Tool is one of the best you can consider in the market. The tool is very easy to use for anyone. One of the reasons you will love it is the handle that comes with a smooth wooden easy to grip handle.

The 5 inches curved blade of the debarking tool is very sharp, and it makes removing bark easier and very fast for anyone. It is very accurate when in use. It is designed to last longer, which is why the construction boasts of a combination of top-quality materials.

Shaving off bark from logs and wood is easier to do with this bark removal tool. Another interesting aspect of the tool is the safety measure that is put in place. The blade has a protector, which keeps it sharp for as long you intend to use it and also protects the users.


  • It has blade protector
  • It has wooden grip handles that make it easier for anyone to hold and use
  • It is very fast and accurate with removing bark
  • Ideal for craft and building furniture

  • It has no significant setback

4. Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool


The Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool is also one of the options you should consider. Timber products flood the market, and that is why you will find them everywhere you turn to. Considering you have huge debarking work to do with little space of time, the best tool for you to select is this particular product.

The design of the shaving tool is amazing as it comes with easy to operate structure without any chance of you harming yourself. The 8 inches blade of the tool is straight, and that makes it easier for it to peel off bark from wood. The blade is very sharp, and that makes it walk through any wood easily.

It has wood grip handles, which makes it comfortable for you to use. It gives a secure hold, while the blade has a protector to keep you safe. The blade of the tools is very easy to re-sharpen if it goes blunt such as using a stone or a machine.


  • The blade is very easy to sharpen
  • It is very easy to use for anyone
  • The grip wooden handle makes it comfortable for anyone to hold
  • The blade has a protector to keep users safe
  • It is ideal for furniture work

  • It has no significant setback

5. Stubai Drawknife


The Stubai Drawknife is a dynamic bark removal tool that is very efficient for what it is designed for. It is a perfect tool for those involved in craftwork, furniture, and carpentry. It is made of quality material, and that makes it durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.

You will be amazed at the way it handles even the toughest wood. The blade is very sharp, and it can smoothly find its way through any wood without damaging any wood. A drawknife is a perfect tool for general woodworking use.

It has offset handles for comfortable use. All that is required is to hold the knife at the handle and move through any wood. The blade is very sharp, and one should be careful when using it. Also, it is very easy to sharpen on the off chance it gets blunt.


  • Very safe and easy to use for anyone
  • Durable and portable
  • Quality and class
  • It removes bark from logs and wood easily.

  • The blade doesn’t have a protector, so you have to be very careful when using it.

Other tools you may need

Above are some of the top-quality debarking tools you should consider, but we do have some other tools you can use for some woodworking use, and we will share some of the best with you from our reviews and research.

6. Woodchuck Dual Peavey Point and Cant Hook All in 1 Tool


The Woodchuck Dual Peavey Point and Cant Hook All in 1 Tool is a versatile tool, as you can see from its name. Cutting of wood and peeling with debarking tools might be quite difficult to do while the wood is on the floor, and that is why you need Woodchuck Dual Peavey Point and Cant Hook All in 1 Tool to raise the wood.

It has the capacity to lift up to 20 inches of load effortlessly. The peavey point retracts into the handle of the tool and helps with repositioning log ends or freeing frozen logs. The tool comes with a long handle of 47 inches constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and high-strength steel powder-coated steel. 

You have to aim a part of the log with the hook of the tool and move in the opposite direction. That will keep the log raised to a certain level, and you can go on with whatever you intend to do with the wood. You can decide to cut or remove the bark of the wood.


  • It is very easy to use for anyone
  • Durable and portable
  • Easy and long handle for simple and adequate grip

  • It has no significant setback

7. LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry Multitool


The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry Multitool is a versatile tool that is perfect for all woodworking use. It comes with 21 inches LogOX hauler that makes it easier for you to easily move wood from one place to another without stress, thereby eliminating all chance for back pain or sprain. It has an EZ-grip handle that complements its versatility.

Also, it comes with 38 inches cant hook that has sharp ground hook tip and beveled toe design, which help you to secure a stable grip and then roll the log up to 32″ in diameter. There is some wood or log that is just too big for you to roll or carry. The cant hook makes it easier for you to roll the wood. 

Finally, it has 38 inches timberjack, which can be used to lift a smaller log off the ground. It gives anyone a great elevated cutting platform for any wood. The tool is made from high-quality material that makes it durable and last longer.


  • Very easy too to lift and roll wood
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Efficient at picking up smaller wood or log

  • It has no significant setback

8. Woodchuck Tools-Timberjack woodworking tool


The Woodchuck Tools-Timberjack is another woodworking tool you can use for all kind of task that deals with lifting wood and rolling wood. You can move wood logs from 5 inches up to about 20 inches in diameter. All of the things I love about the tool is that you can easily use it without the need for any tutorial.

All you have to do is just aim the wood and pick it up. It is one of the best for any task that has to deal with wood and log. It is made from high-quality material, and it comes with a dual foot design, which keeps the handle of the tool from digging into the ground.

The tool features a toe lift, which ensures you can easily remove the hook of the tool for easy repositioning. The long 48-inch handle of the tool helps the user to reduce bending, which in the long run, eliminates chances for back pain.


  • Perfect for those that deal with woodwork
  • Very easy and straightforward to use
  • Durable and portable

  • It has no significant setback

Importance of using a debarking tool for wood

Perhaps you have never thought of it. The primary assignment of any machine is to make work easier and faster. Any tools for removing bark from wood and logs has the potential to help you cover much work in a little space of time. If you have huge numbers of wood or logs to work on, the best device to use is a debarking tool.

It saves time and reduces your effort compared to you trying to peel the bark with bare hands or some other means by using home knives. The best you could use for removing bark from wood is the bar removal tool.

Who are those that should use tools for bark removal?

There are certain profession or firm that needs a removal tool for bark from wood and logs.


Craftwork that deals with the use of wood, especially the sector known as sculpture, needs the device known as a debarking tool. Some wood will be brought to them and can never be used that same way until the bark is removed. So, that calls for the use of a tool for bark removal. 


This is another sector that needs a bark removal tool. If you have ever been to the place where wood is being worked on, you will notice some have a big machine to deal with slicing wood into pieces and removal of the bark. But for some that do not have the capacity to get such a machine, a tool removal for bark is never a bad option. 

Buyer’s guide of – Best tool for removing bark

There are certain things that you need to consider whenever you are interested in buying either a debarking tool or some other tools you can use alongside the bar removal tool.


Your budget determines whatever you get. There are different products you will find in the market. Some are expensive, and some are cheap and affordable. Whichever you decide to get, you should always go for the one within your budget. You should never break the bank to acquire one. If you desperately need one, you can do yourself good by saving towards buying it. 


Another part or aspect you should consider when buying is the quality of the materials used in the production or construction of the tool. Ensure that you choose the one that is durable and can stand the test of time and serve you better for long-term use.


You should consider the portability of the tool. It entails knowing the weight of the device to ensure it is lightweight and easier for you to move from one place to another easily without stress. If the tool is heavy and difficult to move, it will be a total waste of investment. 


One of the important aspects is the design of the tool. If you are new to buying such a tool, you need to check out the design of the tool carefully. Some of the things that comprise the design are the handle, which you need to know the height that will be okay for you, the blade, and the handle of the tool.

Some come with two grip handle designs for smooth and easy use and do not. Some come with a blade protector to ensure that users are safe when using them. 


The blade of the tool is another factor you should consider. It must be sharp to get the work done efficiently. Some blades are designed in a way to pierce through any wood without causing damages to wood and logs. Some come with a protector guide for user safety. 


Are you in search of the best tool for removing bark for woodworking use? You have found yourself in the right place. Some woodworking requires the use of debarking tools because some wood is just not usable until the bark is removed. 

Removing the bark of wood might be quite difficult to do without the right tool. It is the reason you should consider getting yourself one of the best tools in the market or from the lists we have above. Also, there are some other tools you need for all woodworking use and they are also listed above for you to make the right choice.