Best Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad For PC Phone and Smart TV

All-in-one keyboards integrate a wireless keyboard with a touchpad combining two devices into one they are the ideal solution for anyone with a living room media center or someone who wants to lean back and use your computer from distance that’s why today we have compiled a list of five best wireless keyboard with trackpad for PC Phone or Smart tv.

Top 5 Best Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

5. Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard

Starting at number five, we’ve got the Microsoft Wireless all-in-one media keyboard it’s got a full-size keyset and an integrated multi-touch trackpad where you can just type swipe drag zoom and click with ease.

This keyboard has customizable media hotkeys that put the web and your favorite music photos and movies at your fingertips you can freely roam around the room with this keyboard as it’s got a reliable wireless connection of up to 10 meters.

It comes included with two AAA alkaline batteries that will provide you with up to nine months of usage giving you peace of mind alongside all these functionalities this wireless keyboard features a durable design.

So there is no need to sweat the bumps drops or spills of everyday life securely taking the fifth spot on our list, this all-in-one media keyboard from Microsoft is the perfect device for your living room or home office where you would like to manage most of your jobs.


  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Android
  • Wireless range: 10m
  • Power: 2 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Runtime: 9 months

  • Inexpensive
  • Very good wireless range
  • Built-in touchpad and mouse buttons

  • Keys are not backlit
Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard (N9Z-00001),Black
  • Connect your Windows PC to your TV to surf the web, watch movies, and more
  • Integrated multi-touch track pad provides effortless navigation
  • Customizable media hotkeys provide one-touch access to your content


4. Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Now at over number four, we’ve got the Fosmon mini Bluetooth keyboard, this innovative and compact qwerty keyboard with touchpad provides comfort combined with the freedom of wireless connectivity featuring Bluetooth 3.0.

This keyboard has an operating range of up to 10 meters, so get the jobs done in the most comfortable way possible, its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery will give you up to 10 days of usage and up to 50 days of standby time.

There are LED indicators on this keyboard that will notify you when the battery is low, end when it’s fully charged and this convenient backward keyboard is perfect for using in a dark environment having all these good features.

The Fosman mini Bluetooth keyboard has securely taken the fourth spot on our list-making itself a pretty good option for you.


  • Power: Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Runtime: 10 days
  • Weight: 2.65 ounces
  • Wireless type: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Range: 10 Meters

  • Excellent battery life
  • Compact size
  • Great connectivity

  • Keys are a bit small
Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (QWERTY Keypad), Wireless Portable...
  • [COMPACT & PORTABLE QWERTY KEYBOARD WITH TOUCHPAD] Innovative and compact QWERTY keyboard with touchpad that provides comfort combined with the freedom of wireless connectivity. Connect to all of your favorite devices with this wireless keyboard.
  • [BLUETOOTH 3.0] With a working range of approx. 33ft/10m, easily connect and control Bluetooth devices with this wireless keyboard.
  • [LONG LASTING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY] Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 10 days of continuous working time and up to 50 days of standby time. The LED indicators notify when the battery is low and when it is fully charged. Charging via the included USB cable is simple and easy


3. iClever BK08 Foldable Keyboard for iPad Mac iPhone Android Windows iOS

At number three, we’ve got the iClever BK08 for you, this is a pocket-sized trifoliate foldable keyboard that is suitable for any kind of platform to work with utmost convenience.

The new boost type keyboard comes with a high sensitivity touchpad and easy to type keycaps making your typing experience a lot more convenient.

This keyboard can be charged through a USB cable within two hours and it’ll serve you for up to 90 days in normal use while also having a standby time of about 218 days featured with silver aircraft-grade aluminum backing and balance stand.

This keyboard can be folded into one-third of the size perfect on planes in cars at cafes home or at the public library and other spaces as well, taking the third spot on our list the iClover BK08 is a very good option as an all-in-one keyboard if you’d like to work in a clutter-free as well as a tidy environment.


  • Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android.
  • Material: Durable aluminum body
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Weight: 181g
  • Runtime: 90 days

  • Useful touchpad
  • Very portable
  • Can pair with 3 devices

  • No dedicated apostrophe or question mark keys
Folding Keyboard, iClever BK08 Bluetooth Keyboard with Sensitive...
  • BLUETOOTH 5.1 & SENSITIVE TOUCHPAD: With BoostType’s new multi-point sensitive touch pad. Fewer gadgets, greater convenience
  • MULTI-DEVICE KEYBOARD: allows connection with up to 3 Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time. Switching among different devices easily with a single tap on the function key
  • SENSITIVE TOUCHPAD AND MOUSE BUTTONS: with BoostType’s new multi-point sensitive touch pad and mouse buttons, Please be aware of that the TOUCHPAD function doesn't support IOS system


2. Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard

Number two, we’ve got the Corsair K83 wireless all-in-one keyboard, this keyboard has got comfortable and contoured keycaps with an intuitive layout and 20 key rollover ensuring you’ll never miss a keystroke.

Its intuitive joystick control with click buttons will let you play games like a gamepad and makes the menu browsing a breeze while the integrated precision touchpad features terrible settings with advanced Microsoft Windows 10 four-finger gesture support.

This keyboard has got dedicated aluminum volume roller with press remove option, that’ll let you fine-tune your audio pretty smoothly the Corsair K83 wireless has got a battery life of up to 40 hours or you can also use it by connecting it to your pc or tv with the USB cable.

This amazing keyboard has got a sleek and durable brushed aluminum design with adjustable white LED backlighting that’ll suit your modern living room taking the second-best position on our list, the Corsair K83 wireless keyboard can be a great addition to your life if you have a concern about working from home.


  • Joystick control: Yes
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac
  • Runtime: 40 hours
  • Weight: 481g

  • Slim construction
  • Decent battery life
  • Low latency rating
  • Sensitive touchpad

  • Chunky dongle
Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard - Bluetooth and USB - Works w/PC, Smart...
  • Sleek and durable brushed aluminum design suits your modern living room style
  • Brilliant adjustable White LED backlighting illuminates every key and the touchpad
  • Modern joystick control with click buttons plays games like a gamepad and makes menu browsing a breeze


1. Logitech K600 Keyboard For Smart TV

Finally, at number one, we’ve got the Logitech K600 TV go beyond what remote control can do and curate world of entertainment with this all-in-one keyboard from Logitech you can search select, and control your content with a familiar typing experience fluid gestures of the touchpad or the point-by-point precision of the d-pad.

Its 15-meter wireless range will provide a reliable wireless connection with virtually no drop-offs for uninterrupted controlling even in the largest living rooms it has got media keys to play and pause movies control the volume adjust the screen brightness and more.

It’s home back search and switch app buttons have been specifically designed for use with your smart tv designed for a laid back experience the K600 TV will simply let you navigate with one or two hands while placing.

The keyboard on your lap for a comfortable typing experience taking the very first position on this list for the overall best performance as well as having the value for money the Logitech k600tv is a very elegant looking comfortable keyboard for you.


  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac
  • Wireless range: 15m
  • Battery life: 12 months
  • Weight: 1.1Ibs

  • Attractive design
  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • Does something unique

  • Cramped keys
Logitech K600 TV - TV Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad and D-Pad...
  • All-in-one content navigation: use the integrated precision touchpad to control the cursor and the d-pad TO navigate common smart TV grid layouts
  • 15-Meter  wireless range: get a reliable wireless connection with virtually no drop-offs for uninterrupted control of your smart TV or PC connected to TV – even in the largest living rooms
  • Easy-switch between devices: connect to your smart TV, Windows or Mac PC, and Android and iOS mobile devices – then switch between them with the tap of a button

Resource: Type of Wireless Keyboards


So that was all about the best five wireless keyboards with a trackpad for you, hopefully, our buying guide of the best wireless keyboard with touchpad has helped you to focus your selections on finding that which works best for you, with your budget. It’s high time to go on ahead to purchase your ideal perfect wireless keyboard with touchpad.

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