A Streaker at the Super Bowl Is Going Viral & We Found the 1st Videos of Him


Move aside, Usher. The streaker at the Super Bowl 2024 was the real star of the game. A streaker ran onto the field at the Super Bowl LVII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, at around 6:14 p.m. PT on Sunday, February 11.

“We have a streaker on the field,” tweeted ABC10 host Kevin John with a video of the streaker running onto the field around the Chiefs end zone. Video of the streaker shows security tackling them at around the 10-yard mark before escorting them off the field.

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Comedian Tom Grossi also tweeted a video of security taking the streaker off the field. The video showed a man with his shirt off and pants around his knees, revealing his black underwear. “We got a streaker,” Grossi tweeted.

Sports reporter Micaela Dea also tweeted a video of the streaker running from the 30-yard mark to the 10-yard mark with his shirt off before he trips and falls to the ground, where he’s tackled by security. “A streaker just ran onto the field here at the #SuperBowl,” she tweeted.

The streaker was also acknowledged by the Super Bowl commentators, however, they later acknowledged that they couldn’t talk about the streaker.

“Oh, we got people on the field!” Tony Romo said. “Oh my goodness, we do! We got a streaker on the other, well…” Jim Nantz added. Romo continued, There’s a partial streaker… Shirt off.” “Partial streaker, yeah,” Nantz added. Romo concluded, “But we can’t talk about it.” The broadcast then cut to commercial.

More videos of the streaker showed him running around the field with his shirt off as Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers players stood around watching him. The video continued with Chiefs coaches trying to tackle him as the streaker dodged their moves.

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