Buffalo Bills Fan Gives Unfiltered Opinion of Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce After Recent Game


L: Taylor Swift, R: Jason Kelce

Some Buffalo Bills fans were in for a shock when they settled into their seats at the playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs and discovered that Taylor Swift, Jason Kelce, and their whole entourage were seated in the suite right behind them to support Travis Kelce.

Matt C. and his son, Colin, are season ticket holders, and it seemed like any other game until they approached their section “relatively early” and took in the “sizable police presence right behind our seats,” Matt, 42, recounted to People.

“We usually talk to the people in the suites behind us, so, of course, we peeked through the window, and there was Taylor Swift!”

At the time, “not many people had noticed yet,” and Jason didn’t show up until closer to the start of the game, but it was an evening that they’ll “never forget.” Throughout the game, he described the suite as “ROWDY,” in all caps—which makes sense, given Jason’s antics throughout the night.

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“It was fun at first,” he recalled when Jason jumped out of the window the first time, but as the Eagles center spent time in the stands, more and more fans rushed “with cell phone cameras and posters trying to get close to the suite,” making things “a bit overwhelming” and “a tad frustrating” for the two of them by the time all was said and done.

“There was no mistaking who they were rooting for,” he added of the group. “And, despite the cold temperatures, they opened the big suite window and kept it open the entire game,” which allowed for “banter between the Kelce/Swift suite and the fans below—especially when points were scored.”

He also conceded that the group has “bragging rights” after winning the game—a sure disappointment for the Bills supporters. But they were good sports about it, marveling over “the Khalil Shakir touchdown catch” that “happened right in front of [them].”

“We come to the games for football,” he concluded, “so that is always our favorite part!”

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