Kristin Cavallari’s Legs Are *So* Toned In A Sideboob-Baring Minidress On IG


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  • Kristin Cavallari posted some new Instagram photos showing off her toned legs and a peek of abs and sideboob in a cute minidress.

  • The actress and mom works with a trainer three times a week.

  • Kristin has also published three cookbooks which detail the recipes that support her healthy lifestyle.

Kristin Cavallari‘s latest Instagram pics are showing everyone that this mom of three is as strong and confident as ever. The Uncommon James CEO, 36, shared photos from a fun Nashville party where she’s rocking a black cut-out minidress that highlighted her super toned legs—and even showed a peek of abs and sideboob.

“Party girl,” she captioned the pic. Of course, her strong look got a lot of love from her friends and followers. Brie Garcia (a.k.a. Brie Bella) commented, “🔥🔥🔥,” while Gabrielle Bernstein also added, “🔥.” Another fan wrote, “Oooh. Love that dress! So fun!🔥😊.”

Curious to know more about Kristin’s workout routines? Honestly, everyone is. This actress is seriously toned and glowing these days!

First of all, weight lifting definitely plays a big role in Kristin’s fitness regimen right now. Last year, she shared an impressive video of herself deadlifting a 155-pound trap bar, and told Us Weekly that she had “put on a lot of weight in the last few years, but in a good way.”

She added, “My goal is sort of, right now, just to maintain the muscle that I have. I’m not trying to lose weight. I don’t weigh myself. I can tell how my clothes fit me.”

Kristin then provided some details on her training schedule, explaining that she works with a trainer three times a week. And TBH, their sessions sound pretty intense. Thanks to all that hard work, Kristin said that she feels “the best I ever have,” and is “the strongest I’ve ever been.”

“He kicks my ass,” she added, speaking about her trainer. “He pushes me really hard. He has me actually lifting really heavy weight, the heaviest weight I’ve ever lifted in my entire life.”

And as any mom will know, her kids also keep her active, too. Kristin recently told Us Weekly that her kiddos like swimming and other activities. “We’re going to ride go-karts tomorrow. We like fun stuff like laser tag and paintball,” she explained.

Of course, if you follow Kristin, you’ll also know that she’s a fabulous chef, and her healthy lifestyle is buoyed by nutrient-rich meals. In fact, the star has released three cookbooks (True Roots, True Comfort and Truly Simple) and previously told WH that she follows the 80/20 rule (eating healthy 80 percent of the time and whatever she wants the other 20 percent), eats gluten-free, avoids most dairy, and (mostly) cooks at home.

“We don’t do anything white, so we don’t do white flour, white sugar, or white salt,” she shared.

But for all that, Kristin believes that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be super restrictive. “Eating well to me means enjoying your food and having what I call ‘food freedom,’ where you can enjoy what you’re eating without beating yourself up. You can eat anything in moderation,” she told Eating Well.

Cheers to that, Kristin!

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