Prince William to make big changes to Royal Family as ‘very radical monarch’


A royal expert has claimed that Prince William will be a ‘very radical monarch’ as he has major plans to shake up the monarchy and modernise the Royal Family.

In an interview with Hello!’s A Right Royal Podcast, Sunday Times Royal Editor and broadcaster Roya Nikkah spoke about the Prince of Wales, and his future role as the King. The Royal expert explained that Prince William is a modern royal with a number of ambitious projects and ideas. The expert explained that the Prince will be radical as he throws out some of the old traditions, while still ensuring that the importance of the monarchy was upheld.

“I think he’ll be a very radical monarch,” said Roya. “I think the monarchy will look very different, quite quickly. I do, I think he will change a lot.”

She explained that it’s primarily the Prince’s vision of how the monarchy should function in the future that will highlight the most change. “I think he has probably got a vision for the monarchy that a lot of it will still feel familiar, but I think a lot of it will change,” she said.

Prince William

Prince William

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The expert went on to say that Prince William is aware of the affection that people have from him, but he is also aware that for many young people, the Royal Family is not of interest. “He knows the institution is much loved by a lot of people. He knows that a lot of people, obviously, younger people probably aren’t that interested. We’ll still know we have the British Royal Family,” she said.

The expert then explained that even at King Charles and Camilla’s coronation back in May, there was a feel from Prince William that his coronation celebrations would be very different.

“But for instance, within days of the coronation, I knew that wasn’t really the sort of service he would want. He was very keen to relate that it wasn’t the kind of service he would want and his coronation will look very different and very modern,” Roya said. “And even within days of his father’s coronation, he was putting out there that ‘things will be quite different when I’m King.’ Some things will change quite a lot.”

Prince William

Prince William

The expert then concluded that for William it will all be about finding a good balance, with less public ‘pomp’ but still a great deal of tradition that people love.

“I remember asking one of his good friends about [the pageantry]” said Roya. “He completely understands and appreciates that a lot of people love the mystery and the magic of it, so he won’t strip back all of that. But I think there will be a little less public pomp.” 

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