Sharon Osbourne Admits She Turned a Blind Eye to Ozzy’s Groupies But Told Him to ‘Wear a Condom’


Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have been together for over 40 years, after she took over managing the rocker’s career from her father, a music promoter and entrepreneur. But being the wife of a rock star comes with its own trials and tribulations, as the 71-year-old recently opened up about.

In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Osbourne recalled the sexism she encountered while working in the rock and roll industry in the ’70s, which was famously misogynistic. “‘I was never into drugs and I wasn’t going to get someone a prostitute,” she recalled. “I used to look at the way they would abuse women: their assistant would be in the room and when she bent over they’d all be giggles and staring at her tits and all of that. I was like, ‘Oh, fuck off you creeps.'”

However, whereas Osbourne may never have been the one doing drugs or ordering sex workers, she does concede that she willingly endured one part of being a rock star’s wife: the groupies.

“I was so used to it because that was the world I knew. That’s what comes along with being famous. It was always there,” she continued, noting that she was willing to turn a “blind eye” when needed.

“Especially if somebody is insecure or a narcissist that wants it all [as he was]. I was always like, “Wear a condom and never ask names or addresses. You don’t want to know,” she added. “When it gets to something more personal than that, then it’s a problem. Then I’m not going to turn a blind eye.”

As the publication points out, the couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year. Though it hasn’t been without bumps in the road, as they split up at one point after it came to light that Ozzy had a four-year-long affair with her former hairdresser.

“You’ve got to remember I had three kids. I had a family to hold together,” she added, of going through the tough times with Ozzy. “Aimee was born in 1983, Kelly the following year and Jack the year after that. I didn’t have parents to look after me.”

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