There is nothing funny about Texas A&M firing Jimbo Fisher. This is wrong and gross.


Once Texas A&M embraced the fallacy that is “sunk cost,” Jimbo Fisher’s time at Texas A&M was over.

According to people familiar with Texas A&M athletics, Jimbo was “checked out” when the season began, and now he’s gone.

Billy Lucci of reported on Sunday morning, “Per multiple sources, Texas A&M set to part ways with Jimbo Fisher as early as today. Decision was reached at the recommendation of the Athletic Dept/University president during last Thursday’s Board of Regents meeting.”

From “Whoop” to “whump-whump.”

In a single word, what a waste of money.

Introduced to an adoring audience at Texas A&M in December of 2017, Jimbo Fisher said, “The people here are incredible. I don’t know if I’ve met a nicer group of people.”

He’s right.

The Aggies gave him 10-year and $75 million to leave Florida State. In 2021, A&M handed Jimbo a fully-guaranteed 10-year, $95 million extension.

That would make the Aggies the nicest group of people.

A&M is now on the hook to pay Jimbo the remainder of contract, worth around $75 million. Chances are good that figure will be negotiated down to a “smaller” figure, but the money is gone.


This contract is privately funded, which means a handful of wealthy Aggies agreed to pool their money to make a person not work for their school.

There is something so wrong about this, and nothing will stop it.

When A&M lost at Miami by 15 points in the second week of the season, a loyal and devoted fan base was done with Jimbo.

Every single time it looked like A&M was ready to join LSU and Alabama at the top of the SEC, the Aggies revealed themselves as no better than just another Ole Miss, or Mississippi State.

Fisher turned out to be pretty much the same as Dennis Franchione, Mike Sherman, Kevin Sumlin and the rest.

When A&M introduced Jimbo that December morning, I asked him he had to win a national title to justify the commitment they showed him.

“I don’t know if I have to but that’s my goal,” Fisher said. “That’s what we are about. That’s our goal every year, and it always will be.”

That’s the goal, and A&M was never close to winning the SEC West let alone a national title. They never won 10 games under Jimbo.

Jimbo’s record at A&M is 45-25. This includes a 51-10 win over Mississippi State on Saturday in College Station.

The high points of the Jimbo Era:

Beating LSU 74-72 in seven overtimes 2018 at Kyle Field.

The 2020 season where A&M finished 9-1, and was robbed of a playoff berth. This was the COVID year, which was such a mess that all achievements were diminished, and mostly forgotten.

A home win over No. 1 Alabama in 2021 at Kyle Field on a last-second field goal.

Jimbo’s pouty press conference rant at Alabama Nick Saban, which turned out to be a little dog barking behind a fence.

“Top-ranked” recruiting classes.

The problems were many, but near the top is that Jimbo never found the quarterback he had at Florida State. He never found another Jameis Winston, Christian Ponder or E.J. Manuel.

The only quarterback Jimbo had at A&M was the one he really didn’t like, Kellen Mond.

A&M gave the man everything a head coach could possibly want, or need, to build a successful football team. Even Fisher admitted as much earlier this season.

The Jimbo Fisher era at Texas A&M is now officially a bust, which is almost as unfathomable as it is predictable. It hired a coach who had won a national title, had ties to Saban and the SEC, and it was a disaster.

It was a disaster because of that money. Unintentionally, that contract became the face of Aggies football.

All of that A&M oil money can buy almost everything in the world, except guarantee a winning football program.

Rather than celebrate another great season under Jimbo, the Aggies now return to contacting search firms to find top candidates. Expect Duke coach Mike Elko to be at the top of this list.

A&M will shower the new coach with money, and introduce him at a press conference where he will be cheered with the promise of “next year.”

To complete this coaching staff transition, it will cost somewhere in the area north of $100 million.

It will all be funny, but there is something seriously wrong about this.

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