Video Shows Marines in All-Out Brawl With Civilians Outside Texas Nightclub


A group of uniformed Marines got into a brawl with civilians in Texas outside a nightclub after a woman tried to snatch someone’s phone.

The incident occurred Sunday night when a group of people, including marines, had congregated outside the nightclub called Voodoo Room. In the video TMZ shared, a civilian grabbed a phone from someone who appeared to be with one of the Marines and tossed it into the air. Things then picked up when another civilian tried to throw a punch at one of the Marines, and a shoving match ensued.

An all-out fight broke out after one of the men rocked one of the Marines with a punch and caused his brothers-in-arms to jump the other guy, who fell on the ground. Another Marine got on top of him and began punching him even more before police came to intervene. There’s no word of anyone being arrested or receiving medical attention.

In September, a brawl broke out between police and civilians in Wales, where a woman was knocked unconscious by a stray tire. In footage shared online, police engaged a group of people in a fight in the city of Wrexham, specifically the village of Rhosllanerchrugog. A man is seen being wrestled to the ground with people watching in the background, and eventually, several bystanders get involved in the altercation.

At one point, police pulled out their batons, with one officer using his pepper spray to move the group of people back as the person on the ground was being apprehended. Suddenly, someone off-screen threw what appeared to be a bicycle tire and hit a woman who was watching the brawl go down.

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