‘Would not be surprising’ if Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh suspended for bulk of 2024


After a week of legal posturing and an attempt to get him back on the sideline ahead of Saturday’s game vs. Maryland, No. 2 Michigan accepted the three-game suspension for Jim Harbaugh.

The Wolverines’ acceptance of the Big Ten suspension came amid the release of additional information about booster involvement in Connor Stalions’ sign-stealing operation (in addition to assistant coach Chris Partridge’s role in covering up and destroying evidence).

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The acceptance of the three-game suspension means the Big Ten will end its investigation into Michigan’s sign-stealing allegations, and the Wolverines will face no further punishment from the conference. Any further punishment regarding the in-person scouting violations will come from the NCAA, when its investigation has been completed.

On “Big Noon Kickoff” on Saturday, Feldman commented on Harbaugh’s future with the program and speculated on what potential punishments he could face from the NCAA. Per one source who spoke to the college football reporter, it “would not be surprising” if Harbaugh faces a significant suspension in 2024.

“Going forward, it’s going to be interesting. He still has an NCAA investigation from recruiting violations from the COVID dead period that the NCAA is still after him about,” Feldman said. “Now you have this Connor Stalions signal-stealing story that they’re dealing with. It would not be surprising if Jim Harbaugh could be suspended for the bulk of the 2024 season, I’m told.”

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Harbaugh already served a self-imposed three-game suspension to open the season due to the NCAA recruiting violations, though he and Michigan are still subject to additional penalties from the NCAA, which now has two ongoing investigations into the program.

Feldman also speculated that Harbaugh may finally consider moving to the NFL in the wake of the investigations. He has been tied to openings with the Vikings and Broncos in recent offseasons.

“One other part of this, Jim Harbaugh was a wildly successful head coach in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if somebody else comes after him and he says, ‘The timing is right, maybe I’ve got to make the move.'”

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