Cushion Cut Diamond Rings History and Guidelines

A cushion-cut diamond combines a square cut with round shaped corners and deep cuts. It is somewhere between a rectangle and oval. The diamonds have rounded edges of oval, but it is a more square shape. Its rounded corners and curves make it elegant and give modern appeal. These shape diamonds are the most popular engagement ring styles. It is suitable for diamond lovers. Its smooth shape makes it versatile. The cushion cut diamond boast facets along with the high crown.

Recently the general style of diamond has changed. A mine cut diamond used initially. In modern times this cut diamond introduced. Original cut had only 58 facets, but nowadays available ones have 64 facets. The bottom of the stone is open, and the diamonds have more dept. In the nineteenth century cushion cut diamond was more famous.

During this period most diamonds or gemstone were cut in cushion shape.”Antique cushion cut” is the name of the current style. The type of cut diamond shows the elegance and decadence of that period. Nowadays this diamond cut is experiencing enormous popularity; there are not easy to find — this kind of diamonds regarded as an antique cut diamond.

History of Cushion Cut diamond:

In the eighteen century, this type of cut diamond originates. This cut originated from mine cut. It named from the miners who cut the diamonds by hand. Modern diamonds are cut to include more facets. It still has its architectural look. Cushion-shaped diamonds are one of the trendiest shapes, and many old and polished diamonds are in this shape.

Rose cut, single cut, old European cuts all are originated from the previous shape, which is a cushion. From Brazilian diamond mines, the modern development of today’s cushion cut began. The predecessor of today’s fantastic cushion cut was the famed old mines a soft square cut with a rounded corner or edges.

Historically cutting process of diamonds were slow and difficult. The cutters were limited by technology at that time. The cutters cut the diamonds in the perfect shapes having much limitations and difficulties in technology. Keeping as much weight diamond was necessary to save money and time. This diamond cut ruled the gemstone scene in the late 19th century, and it was one of the most popular and demanding shaped diamonds.

Halo 1.7 Carat VS2 Clarity F Color Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Yellow Gold

What To Look For In Cushion Cut Diamond:

Cushion cut diamond has thousands of variations. The ideal cushion cut depends mainly on your preference. You may want more square or more elongated, more facets or fewer facets (close to rose cut).

  • You should look at the symmetry and the proportions that you like. The four corners should be identical as much as possible and also the curves of the sides.
  • The thickness of the girdle of the cushion-shaped diamond swelled at the edges and became thinner at the middle portion. Very thin girdle are prone to chipping so you should have a protective mounting style.
  • If you want to get more brilliance than more facets are needed. The facets pattern varies from style to style. Cushion cut has more facets and more brilliance than round cut. So round cut has less brilliance, but it is still gorgeous and has a different type of sparkle.
  • The look of cut cushion diamonds is drizzling. To play with their distinctive shapes, it should put into a halo or solitaire.

Buying Guidelines:

First of all, you have to notice the quality of the diamonds cause it’s essential to keep an eye out for the quality. For this, you have to check the clarity. Here clarity means the clearness of the cut. Because of the nature of the cut. It is not as vibrant as other diamonds, but it gives you more lovely feeling. The best thing of cushion cut diamond is it’s the lower price tag. While buying you should look for certification cause its essential. Cushion cut diamonds hold their colors better than other diamonds.

For the nature of the cut, the diamond cut present it’s uniqueness. It may not be like the other diamonds cut, but it is exceptional and quite beautiful. It is spinning the reflection of light in sophistication aura. Cushion cuts diamond hold their color more than the other cut diamond. This helps the diamonds to maintain its color for a long time if you now often wear it. For this reason, if you purchase a cushion cut diamond, you can go for D to H Color. Which is really good. You can buy a ring of cushion cut diamond if you desire.