Garmin Echomap 73sv Review – Best Fish Finder of 2020

Garmin EchoMap 73sv review – Are you a fisherman by profession and you desire to take your fishing skill to a greater level? Then you need one of the best technology device known as Garmin echomap 73sv. The tech device is a fish finder that can be used to find fish even in the ice.

The fish finder is manufactured by Garmin which is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The device is well equipped with all the features needed to find fish of different sizes and shapes irrespective of your fishing style.

Garmin has been in the business for years in the production of the most reliable fish finder devices, and if you decide to go with their product, the Garmin echomap 73sv is a perfect choice as you can be assured you are investing on a quality product.

garmin echomap 73sv review

Garmin Echomap 73sv Review – Best Fish Finder

Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 73sv With Transducer


The Garmin echomap 73sv is one of the easiest fish finders you will find in the market. It is unsophisticated and effortless to understand regarding operation. It is a widescreen display of seven inches with a unique design to see clearly, and it gives the room for backlight modifications with its GPS.

Just for you to see things underwater just as if you are in the water, Garmin incorporates DownVu sonar tech which gives a super view of the activities in the water. Along with the Garmin Echomap, you will have a perfect view of the images of the types of fishes and structures in different parts of the late. All these simply means that the device is waterproof and can’t be damaged when in contact with water.

LakeVu Map

The Garmin EchoMap 73sv appears to be the highest quality of Lake Vu HD mapping system. What exactly is the work of the mapping system? It is a system designed to help you navigate easily on any water or lake. It shows more than seventeen thousand USA Rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in standard detail.

Also, it views more than five thousand lakes and contour shading for in-depth recognition. For those who have a preferred site to fish, you can save your preferred location on a micro SD card for future reference. It has a port for micro SC card, and it can be upgraded if you wish to.


The quality of the image of what you see beneath the water determined by the sonar. However, it doesn’t just give a static image but a clear image of what is going on in the real time. It refreshes up to five times per seconds to offer you with real-life time images.

It is the best device to opt for those in need of clarity as to know where fish are and their depth. It has an inbuilt sensor that also displays water temperature and speed. You can’t overlook the Garmin echoMAP 73sv when in search for a powerful and accurate fish finder.

The device has shown to effectively reveal the events underwater in marine life up to 2,300 feet in freshwater and about 1,100 feet in salt water. It has a multi-colored display along with DownVu scanning technology.

The Garmin echoMAP 73sv remain superior for the crispness and clarity that the DownVu image provides. The images are so clear that you can easily differentiate from a fish from vegetables. The screen of the device can be divided into two to view different things at a time.

The device has panoptic port that can be added to the transducer. Whether you are static or moving on the river, you will be able to see things just as they were. You will see events going on up to 100 feet away to know if the fish is moving towards the bait or not.

Quick Draw Mapping

The Garmin EchoMAP 73sv is capable of creating a custom lake maps to find fish using the free Quickdraw contours software. This is a very good feature which makes it a perfect piece to use on smaller waters where no maps exist

Features of Garmin EchoMAP 73sv

  • The device appears with an in-built 500W (RMS) DownVu sonar and traditional HD-ID sonar scanning capabilities.
  • It has internal GPS updates to make marking and returning accurately to waypoints easier.
  • It offers wireless connectivity capability, and it comes with a dual beam transducer with in-built temperature sensors.
  • The screen of the device is super sharp and can be adjusted easily to any lighting conditions. The seven-inch screen displays clear details of the scanning.

Garmin EchoMAP 73sv Specifications

  • Incredibly fast, accurate GPS updates
  • Crystal clear display
  • Dual micro SD slots
  • Quick draw mapping
  • CHIRP, SideVu, ClearVu
  • Network

Garmin Echomap 73sv Questions & Answers

Q: How many satellites do this device use?
A: The device requires about four satellites to have an altitude lock, three satellites for position lock, and depending on your location, it can lock onto more satellites.

Q: Should the sonar be installed inside the boat or outside?
A: The transducer that is built with the device should be installed on the exterior of the transom. It mustn’t be too close to the surface because that can affects the quality of the image

Q: will sunlight pose a threat to the device?
A: No, it won’t. The fish finder comes with a protective cover

 The Good

  • It is effortless to operate
  • It has sleek and good design
  • It is very fast and accurate
  • Effective internal GPS
  • It can easily navigate a safe passage
  • It is effortless to install and use
  • It has sonar recording and rewind feature
 The Bad

  • Numerical readings were not correct.

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You will marvel by what you will find out in this Garmin EchoMAP 73sv Review. It is just a perfect fish finder for every fisherman out there still struggling for the easiest way to find fishes in the sea. It is one of the effortless ways to locate, monitor every activity in the sea and find where fishes are hiding.

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