How To Clean Your Room Fast | Easy Cleaning Steps

You must have heard the saying “as you lay your bed, so will you sleep on it”. You don’t expect a mango fruit from a cashew tree. What does all this mean? You only get a result based on the input of your effort. If you leave your room dirty before you rush out to work, you will meet it that same way except you have maids that will help you get the cleaning work done.

No room in the house must be left without proper cleaning because a dirty place will always give an invitation to unwanted things such as ants, mice, germs, bacteria, and even cobwebs. Therefore, it is essential that you keep every room in your house clean.

How can you clean your room very fast?

There are different means in which you can clean the room without wasting much time for those who do have a busy schedule for each day.

Use a timer

Use a timer

The very first step to take whenever you want to clean your room and be fast with it is to use a timer. Using the timer will help you track your progress and let you know if you should hasten your cleaning process or not.

Choose a proper cleaning structure

This mainly depends on what you think will work for you. We are not telling you it is the best method but the main idea is that you need a proper cleaning structure to clean your room very fast without wasting time.

Trying to clean everything or do many things at a time will consume your time, and you will end up not doing things in a satisfactory manner. So let’s check out the method that works well for me. Note: you might have a different opinion to it.

Start with your bed

Start with your bed

You need to lay your bed rightly which is one of the things you need to do when cleaning your room. You need to remove everything you have from your bed including the pillow. Place the pillow on the floor, and then you can easily remove the blanket.

Once you have removed the blanket, you should try to dust the blanket to ensure it is free of dirt and spread back on the bed. Make sure it is done neatly as you carefully tuck it the blanket on each side. You can then position the pillow on it in the right position.

Pick laundry

If you have your clothes on the floor, the next thing for you to do is to pick them up. That should take longer time for you to do locate where you have your laundry basket and drop all the clothes especially the dirty one in the laundry, and the neat one can be stored in your wardrobe.

Work on the shoe rack

Work on the shoe rack

You are getting closer to sweeping the floor, and you wouldn’t want to do that and still find out you have your shoes to arrange. Pick your shoes wherever you have them and dust if need be. Pick all of them and carefully arrange them on your shoe rack. Such an act will make you become organized, and then you can move onto the next thing to do.

Arrange the bookshelf

If you are the type that has a bookshelf in your room, arranging the books on it might be the next thing for you to do. Pick up each book and place them right beside one another to make it look perfectly organized. Position the bookshelf in the right place, and then you can move to the next step.

Take away junks and dishes

If you are the type that loves to eat in your room, you might need to take away the dishes such as your cup of coffee and plates to the kitchen. Remove them from the room as they don’t belong there. Washing them might be one of the cleanings to do, but that is probably after you are done with cleaning the room.

Clean the floor

Clean the floor

Now that you have almost everything in the right place such as your clothes, the bed in good condition, the shelf fully arranged, the shoe rack well organized, you then need to clean the floor. You can make use of different means to clean the floor as you wish.

You can use broom, sweeper or technology devices that help to clean the floor without wasting time. For those who don’t have ample time for cleaning, the device is the best option. Once you move it over the dirty area, it traps all dirt on the floor, and you can then later dispose of through the opening into your disposal bin.

Disposal of the bin content

The next thing you should do is to get rid of the dirt you have in your waste bin or disposal bin. You should not leave it in the room as that doesn’t appear to be the right thing to do. Empty the disposable bin and then you can successfully say you are through with cleaning the room.

Use deodorants

The room is a place you will likely spend a more extended period of your day. Due to that, it is a place that must be appealing and welcoming. After you must have clean and do all the necessary things that ought to be done, you should try to turn the atmospheric air around by using deodorants.

There are different types of attractive and nice odor air freshener that you can use. Just get any from the mart and spray in your room to have a sweet and pleasant odor.


If you are in search for the fastest way to clean your room, here is a method you can follow. It isn’t the perfect method but can work for you. You might have a contrary opinion to this. All that is important is to come up with a cleaning strategy and also make use of a timer whenever you want to clean your room, and you don’t have the ample time to use.