How To Mount A Scope On An AR 15

A scope can exponentially enhance the accuracy and performance of your rifle. In recent times rifle scopes have become more and more sophisticated and using them requires a little bit of knowledge about them. If the scope is not mounted properly it can cause many problems down the line.

So, if you have an AR-15 and are trying to learn the proper method of mounting a scope to your rifle, this article is for you. Here we will describe in detail the tools you will be needing and the steps you will need to take to mount the scope to your AR-15 rifle.

How To Mount A Scope On An AR 15

Tools that you will need

There are some specific tools needed for the mounting process. Although you could use the tools that are at your disposal but using regular tools could damage the scope. So, we suggest you use the tools specified below:

  • The hex bit tool: The hex bit tool is very useful for mounting scopes on different types of rifles. In order to mount a scope on an AR-15, it is a must. You can easily buy one online. Trust us, it comes in very handy if you are a rifle owner.
  • Bubble Level: While mounting a scope your first priority should be that everything is leveled. Otherwise, it will cause a great deal of inaccuracy while shooting. This is where a bubble level comes into play. You can use it to make sure your optics are leveled properly.
  • Shooting Rest: Although it is not absolutely necessary, it sure comes in handy for mounting a scope. You can place your rifle on it and it will make sure your rifle doesn’t move during the installation process. That makes the whole process quite easier.
  • Torque Wrench: A torque wrench is necessary for adding scope mounts to the rifle.
  • Cantilever Scope Mount: It has two forward reach rings.
  • Scope: You need a scope that is designed in a way that works perfectly with your AR-15 rifle. One thing you should remember; you have to buy a scope whose features are compatible with your rifle.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: This is used to clean the bases, rings, rails, and screws before mounting. This helps get rid of any oil or any dirt that could hamper the process.

Also, you should make sure you have mounting tools such as mounting rings. Visit to learn more about the scope on an AR- 15.

At first, make sure the gun is empty and that the safety is on. The next thing you need to make sure is that you have the tools needed for the mounting process.

Here are the steps that you will have to follow:

1. Prepare the AR-15

The first thing you have to do is to make sure that your rifle is empty and take out the magazine. Also, make sure the safety is on. Secure the rifle on the shooting rest or gun vice. Lastly, you will need to use the bubble level to level your rifle for the installation process.

2. Clean the Hardware

You should clean the mounting hardware and rings with rubbing alcohol. Make sure no dirt or oil remains on them.

3. Add the scope Mount

Next put the scope mount on the upper receiver of the rifle. Don’t put the scope mount on the free-floating rail. Then tighten the scope mount by hand. Make sure it is not too tight. After that take the torque wrench and tighten the scope mount.

While tightening the mount, make sure to keep in mind the torque level of the scope mount. For this, we suggest you follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual, as it will help you reach the correct mounting strength.

4. Add the Scope

Now you have to add your scope. After putting the scope on the mount take the top part of the rings to place them on the scope and secure them to the scope.

Follow the X pattern while tightening. Wait before tightening the scope rings fully. As you have to make sure there remains some gap on each side of the ring while tightening. You can move the scope after tightening the rings, because of that gap.

After that, you should check the eye relief, and make position it as you see fit.

5. Leveling

Place the bubble level on the tube and check if it is perfectly leveled or not. Also, make sure your rifle is level as well.

Next, you will have to level your scope. But before that level your reticle and align it both horizontally and also vertically.

After you align the reticle use to bubble level to check if the scope is aligned or not. Using a shooting rest makes the leveling process easier and less time-consuming.

6. Wrap it up

Now finish up the mounting process by tightening the scope rings. Remember to do so by following the “X” pattern to tighten both of the sides equally. There should be an even gap on both sides.

After following the steps mentioned above, you should be good to go.

Final Thoughts

Mounting a scope to your rifle could seem like a hassle at first. But having the right tools and knowing the correct process make it extremely easier. We hope this article helped you learn the step by step process of mounting a scope onto an AR-15.

One thing you have probably noticed is that we put a lot of emphasis on keeping everything level. This is because if the scope is mounted in a clunky way and the reticle is not leveled, it will cause the shooting performance to drop significantly. So, make sure you use the bubble level to level everything properly.

Also, no need to haste. It definitely better to take your time to properly go through the step by step process and double-check everything, as it will help the scope installation to be successful. If there are any mistakes in the process, you will suffer in the long run.

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