How to Remove Chemical Stains from Stainless Steel Sink?

I know when we talk about stainless steel most people will believe it never stains. But that’s not true! This material does stain sometimes and the reason is of course us. We don’t care about proper maintenance and ignore some very basic rules to hold them correctly. However, if you are not from that league then perhaps the steel you’re using is not pure stainless steel version.

No matter what the reason, steel sometimes stain. And so we need a way to get us out from such mess. Here’s my whole guide on how to remove chemical stains from stainless steel sink. Keep on reading and don’t miss out some really cool tricks I’m about to break down.

Understand The Chemistry of Different Finishes!

A Great Sink made of stainless steel would use two types of surface. Shiny or glossy and matte finish. The problem to clean a matte-finish surface is comparatively less than glossy ones.

However, you still can remove the chemical stains from a glossy finish sink with some extra caring. This way you won’t make any scratches to the finish.

The good news is stainless steel is very buoyant as a material. So it will cop up with a lot of cleaning solutions and techniques.

To deal with any finish you should check for any grain pattern. I know the metal is strong but you have no idea about its polishing method. So there might be a chance of leaving faint directional scratches.

That’s why you should never go with so-called non-scratch pads. These are still harmful to stainless steels. Also to deal with any finish, try to rub in the similar direction of the grain available. This will help to prevent any harm while cleaning.

How to Remove Chemical Stains from Stainless Steel Sink

Vapor Cleansing

This is a less damaging technique that would help you to remove any light chemical stains. Stainless steel will get rid of minor stains by this very common steaming clean up method.

First, you need to get a kettle and a spout. Heat some water in it. Once the water starts to boil you would need to pour it down. You will need a paper towel next. Simply place it over the stain in the sink you want to deal with.

Now pour down the boiling water into the towel and make it wet. The steam will now start doing its work. Wait for about five to ten minutes. When the surface cools down simply rub stains off.

Use the paper towel to rub and make sure you move with its route of grain. This should get rid of simple chemical stains. But it does not work, you need to go for other strong methods. I’ll elaborate two of them.

Technique One: With Baking Soda/Ammonia

For this method, you are going to need a towel, gloves, mask, spray bottle, an empty bowl, ammonia, and regular baking soda.

You need to be careful while dealing with chemicals. So wear down the mask and gloves. Now simply start with pouring down some water to the stainless steel area where the chemical stain has built up. The easiest way would be to use a spray bottle to spout water over stain.

Now take baking powder you use in kitchen. Get an empty bowl and mix an equal portion of water and baking soda. This two element will form into an even paste with the previous ratio. Mix well until you get a satisfying consistency.

It should not be too runny nor too thick. However, if the surface of your sink is pretty rough then add extra water to this solution. The thin solution will be better to reach deeply into cracks to get better results.

Next, you need to cover the chemical stain with this solution pretty well. Use enough amount to lather up well. Wait for a few minutes and there should be some change in color of the chemical stain. But if you notice no improvements, then the ammonia enters.

Mix some water and ammonia instead of baking soda this time. Follow the same mixing ratio and blend pretty well. Now apply this formula to the stains. It should get removed. Now simply use a cleaning towel to wipe down the area. You can use some water and dip the towel to use it for clean-up.

Keep in mind that the chemicals are quite strong. Don’t spill them and be careful to handle. You should be very cautious with ammonia especially.

Technique Two: With Liquid Dishwasher!

For this method, you are going to need an empty bowl, baking soda, towel, and liquid dishwasher. Add a similar ratio of liquid dishwasher and baking soda. Use a bowl to mix in it. You need to blend well as make a nice paste.

Now use a paper towel and dip it well with this paste. Simply place this towel on surface where the stains exist. Now continuously use the paste to scrub thoroughly. This method will be enough to get rid of fresh chemical stains pretty nicely.

Once stains are gone you need to clean the place with some water. Run tap water and this should clean it all. Woala, a new looking stainless steel sink!

Other Cleaning Solutions

You can use other ingredients such as olive oil, apple cider vinegar also to clean these type of stains. You can also buy stainless steel cleaners from the market that are particularly meant for these chemical stains.


That’s it, folks! These are going to be great methods to get all the stiff chemical stain out of your kitchen. However, you need to check the manufacturers’ guide before trying any one of these. Don’t use ingredients that are strictly forbidden for your sink. However, most stainless steel sink will not react negatively to these solutions. Good Luck on a Beautiful Looking Sink!