How To Restrain A Dog To Clip It’s Nails

For many people, it can be very challenging when it comes to clipping the dog nails. Even though it isn’t the most fun of undertakings to do when owning a dog, it is required. Thankfully, it’s not challenging, as you are thinking. Just keep reading and you will learn more.

Though most dogs find it uncomfortable when their nails are cut, also, most of the Dog owners feel similarly awkward, knowing how much they hurt when nails are cut too short.  To clip the nails properly, you need to restrain your dog.

Do you know how to restrain your dog? Here is how you can do it.

Restraining your dog at home to clip nails

If you are planning to clip your dog’s nails at home, here is the restraining procedure.

Starting at the front:

Position yourself beside the dog (on a table) or sit next to the dog and maneuver it in your lap. Place one arm under and around the dog’s neck/head and press the neck/head against the chest/bear. This will restrain the head.

Place your other arm over the dog’s back and push the body against you, using the same arm to touch the elbow joint of the foreleg. This will also block the dog from pulling that foot off from you during clipping. The least strenuous process is to change direction for the other front leg.

For the hind legs

You can follow a similar procedure (and just let the other person do the hind legs, or instead put the arm over the back of the dog who should be under your arm and press the body against you.). Your dog is entirely immobile, and you are free to undertake the next step.

Now cut off the nails

With a sharp pair of nail cutters or dog nail grinder, you must cut off the nails keenly to ensure that you don’t clip too short. A dog’s nail consists of the nail and the lively, rosy area of the nail that supplies blood. The muzzle also contains nerve endings. If you cut it off, the nail will drain, and your dog will feel the pain.

In the event that you cut the nails too short, you will probably feel it. If you try to cut beyond the required level, you will find that the nail feels rather springy. Stop immediately, that’s snappy. Otherwise, you can safely cut off a small amount of the nail.

How to restrain a dog to clip its nails

Why should you restrain your dog during clipping?

There are some reasons why you should restrain your dog before the nail clipping process. It has some advantages and here are some of them.

Avoid injuries

Dogs, especially those who hate being close to humans, can try to escape by bouncing off a table. This can lead to injuries. So restraining will ensure that your dog doesn’t have any chance to escape.

Avoid the wrong cut

When you are clipping while you’re struggling with your dog, there are chances to cut improperly. Imagine if you cut the nails too short because you are doing it quickly? It will be the pain to your dog. So restraining will ensure that you enough time to clip the nails properly and avoid any occurrence of cutting them too short which is very painful.

Saves time

It will also save you some time. You will only concentrate on clipping and not the escaping pet.

By the end of the day, trimming your dog’s nails can be just a thing to enjoy doing, regardless of whether your dog likes it or not. In any case, a job needs to be done for the health of your dog. If your dog shows excessive worry while trimming, you may need to consult an expert. Sometimes, dog owners rely on their veterinarians to cut off their dog’s nails because the dog proves too restless or too powerful to cut his nails safely.

Last note

With the above ideas, you will now find it easy to clip the nails. However, if you have never cut your dog’s nails, you should first ask a zoo keeper or veterinarian to show you the strategy. In this way, you can imagine the best way to restrain your dog from cutting his nails safely, quickly and effectively.