Four Indispensable Hunting Tools – A Guide For Hunter

It is obvious that a hunter that wants to be successful in his hunting endeavor will never go to the field with an empty hand. You will surely go with different hunting tools that will be beneficial to you; these tools ensure your successful hitting and injury free hunting.

Though there are lots of designed tools for hunting that will really help you as a hunter, but there are four tools that you can’t do without. I will be relating these tools with you and will be telling you the more reasons why I choose these indispensable tools. So, let us explore the fact about these amazing tools.

GPS or Radio Combo

You cannot be rest or absolutely assured that you are seriously familiar with the land you want to go for hunting. And if you are not familiar with the entry and exit route of the place you want to go and some strategic areas in it, you that want to go and hunt might end up being hunted.

Let me first of all talk about the GPS, this GPS is a tool that work with mapping, it helps you to study where you are going before leaving your destination. It makes you to know both entry and exit route, and some places that are very important to know.

It makes you to know the landscape, the topography of the place and the natural resources including the roads in the place you are about to go. Not only that, it even helps you when you are already in the place, and when you have started the hunting. It guides you throughout your stay in this place.

Now, let me talk about the radio combo, this is the attachment that helps you to communicate better, with your co -hunters that are in the same bush with you. The combined work of these tools, helps you to go to hunting and come back safely to your destination.

Hunting Tools

A Pocket Knife

This particular tool, has numerous uses, the usefulness of this tool can never be overemphasized. But I will mention few of these uses. Your safety is very paramount in every of your endeavor, pocket knife is a mobile tool and it is very easy to fold into your pocket or your bag.

So, whenever you encounter the attack of any animal, you can be rest assured of your safety with this tool in your hand. It makes you to have self-defense. Also, this tool makes you to cut the throat of any animal you shoot, to make it die completely without the animal undergoing any form of pain.

Simultaneously, you can use this tool to cut some materials on your way, materials like ropes, leaves, etc can be cut with these tools. It is also a means of survival in the bush, in case you see any fruit when you are hungry, you can use this tool to peel the fruit and consume it to satisfy yourself.

Flagging Tape Or Roll

In case you shoot any animal and that particular animal escape with you arrow or bullet, of course you know that it is not ethical for you to leave this animal to go and die somewhere else and be a waste.

You should trace the animal, now, for your work in getting this escaped animal to be easier you need a flagging tape. This tape is used to trail the blood stained, by dropping the tape in every area that you get to, this make you find the animal easier, and enable you to return to the place where you shoot the animal.

If you will ask me that, is it useful when the rain is falling, yes it is useful, though the rain will wash away the blood, but the rain will never wash away the tape most especially the colored tape and this makes you to trace your prey even as the rain is falling.

Folding Saw

This is a tool that can be folded, and can be scattered when it is ready for usage. It is used to cut the limbs of animals because it has very sharp teeth. It can as well be used to dress the game because it has the tendency of penetrating into the bones and cartilages.

The beauty of this tool is that its teeth do not easily get dull, as they can stay for a long period of time before being needed to sharpen. This tool always makes it easy for us to cut and tear anything in the bush.


The above four hunting tools are indeed indispensable, and you trying them will be very helpful as you go for hunting the next time. Ensure you know their usage very well to avoid injury.