Best Magic Tricks For Kids Reviews

Magic tracks reviews – most kids out there love toys, and nothing can be compared to the grin on their face when they discover they have a new toy. A birthday party is a well-known period where kids get to add to their toys collection, and you will be surprised to know how kids look forward to that day with enthusiasm.

However, finding a gift for your kids isn’t that easy, and if you fall into this category, I suggest you take a look at the magic tricks.

What are the Best Magic Tracks?

Magic tracks are race car tracks for kids who love do deal with the automobile. The track can bend into any shape you choose. The beauty of the tracks is best seen at night because each piece of the track will glow in the dark as each comes with a translucent car containing five LED lights that make the track glow. The track can be rolled up after use to store in the case.

If you are familiar with train rail, you will discover the tracks comes with this design but not to be used with a train toy but a, car. Your kids can have a good time with the toy as it can be used to create a different scene with the goal to get the best exciting experience.

Magic Tracks Reviews

How Exactly Does the Magic Track Works?

The magic track work by the serpentine tech gives the platform to move, bend and curve in any direction. When the car is moving on the track, and you intend to change the direction of the movement, you can remove one piece of the track and place it in the direction you want the car to move.

The step by step Process

First, you have to attach the piece until you get the desired track you envisage or have in mind. You can either choose a short or long, but the step begins with you joining the piece together. And to see your track glow, which is best seen in the dark, you have to put off the light.

Secondly, after you must have arranged the track or joined the piece together to your desired look and length, the next thing to do is to place your car on it, but you can decorate your car and ensure it is equipped with all that is needed to make it move without limitation.

Lastly, once your kid is done with using the toy, ensure it is rolled up into a spiral to save your kids the stress of joining the piece the next time he/she needs it.


  • Four piece color – The track pieces comes in blue, green, orange and yellow color. And all the color glows in the dark
  • 12-foot track – The track comes with 120 pieces, and that can only be used to create a track up to 12 feet in length
  • Car lights up – The car that comes with this track lights up whenever placed on this magic track with the help of the Led lights.
  • Portable – The magic track is portable and can be easily transported from one place to another without hassles.

Magic Tracks Questions and Answers

Q: How do I turn on magic tracks car?
A:  The car has raced button on it, so find the button and press to turn on the magic tracks car

Q: How can I make my magic track glow?
A: To achieve that you can expose to the sun for a while and return to the dark.

Q: Do I need batteries to power my magic tracks car?
A: Yes you need to install the batteries rightly before it can work

Q: How do I assemble the track?
A: You can get this information from the manual that comes along with the toy

Q: what wrong with my car, it’s going slow?
A: it might be time to change the battery

Best Magic Tricks For Kids Reviews – Our Top Choice

Ontel Magic Tracks The Amazing Racetrack That Can Bend, Flex, and Glow


This is the perfect toy every parent can get their kids that love to play with a toy car. It is a wonderful device that your kids will love to have as their birthday present. It has a serpentine design; it glows in the dark when the car is moving on it, and it is very easy to snap the pieces together.

It gives our kids the platform to design the track the way they choose as it can be bent to form different designs. And once used, it can be rolled and stored in a safe place.

 The Good

  • It is very easy to assemble
  • It can be rolled after use instead of removing the pieces
  • It is a perfect birthday gift for your kids
  • It quickly snaps together
 The Bad

  • It uses a battery, and you will need to replace it often because once the battery is low, the car won’t move faster.
  • The length is 12 feet

Some Other Kids Magic Tracks to Consider

Ontel Magic Tracks


This has similar features with the product above since they are from the same brand. The ontel magic tracks come with a serpentine design, it is very easy to bend to form different tracks, you don’t need to disarrange the track after use as you can roll it up after use.

It perfectly glows in the dark and it doesn’t take time to snap together. It uses three AAA batteries and comes with two LED car which is different from others that comes with one car. The setback about the track is that it can only go for 18 feet.

Magic Tracks Mega Set Super Pack with Three Cars and 24 Feet of Tracks


Magic Tracks Mega Set Super Pack with Three Cars and 24 Feet of Tracks

The other product to consider is the super pack of the magic tracks that can go up to 24 feet as it comes with 480pcs of glow track. The track is accompanied by three LED race cars that have LED Light.

The tracks glow as the LED cars move on it and it also comes with a tower bridge, crash track, and street sign. The track easily tracks flexes and bends with ease. It is a perfect gift to get your kid as a birthday gift.


This is magic tracks reviews and it is a great piece of information for parents out there in search of the best birthday gift that will be cherished by their kids. It is fun and exciting to use, and most kids out there will love the idea of having a car on a glowing track.