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The concept is great and fits into the current environment I which shopping and purchase are Happening online. Who would like to track their purchase from order inception to good delivered? This is where I have found Shop to be lacking. The order appears in the account linked to you quickly but There is little useful information beyond what you would get in an email confirmation from the store. From there I’ve found the app to be somewhat pointless. Most recent example would be an order placed weeks ago. Once the order showed shipped it just spent days on the location map in the state from which it was sent. I repeatedly checked on status but it appeared as no movement. I checked this morning and it moved from one city in the originating state to another city in that state. Early this afternoon it just showed up in the mail. I then got a notice hours later after delivery from the app indicating that it was out for delivery. Then later in the day, hours after it delivered got another notice that it was just delivered.

Can’t really say that I see the purpose or the benefit of the app. The USPS service app gave far better updates and provided greater accuracy.

Other orders showing up in Shop have the same issue so can’t say that I’m terribly enthusiastic about it. It doesn’t do any harm so that’s good, I guess my point is…it doesn’t do much at all.

Hey There,
Thanks for the feedback.

Please allow us to shed some context on this for you; any order can be tracked using our app so long as it has a supported tracking number and carrier associated.
When an order is pulled into the app automatically from a connected gmail account, the level of information pulled in along with the order tracking information depends on the details within the email and how the store formats their shipping confirmation emails (where the order details come from).

We are working on improving email coverage to ensure more of your orders show more details in the app.

We are sorry to hear your order updates were delayed in the app; Shop’s updates come directly from the carrier, but, as you’ve noticed there is sometimes a delay. We are also actively working on improving this, so thank you for holding us accountable.

Our goal is to bring you up to the minute notifications, so thank you for the feedback and stay tuned. 

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