Astropad Studio direct connection makes iPad a better Mac drawing tablet


Astropad Studio can now mirror macOS drawing apps on an iPad through a fast, peer-to-peer wireless connection.
Photo: Astropad

Astropad Studio now has peer-to-peer networking, reducing the latency between the iPad and Mac. That improves the usability of this software that lets artists mirror their favorite professional drawing or painting apps on the tablet.

Cutting the router out of the conection reduces latency by up to 46%, according to Astropad.

Astropad Studio gets faster with peer-to-peer connections

Astropad makes products that let an iPad act as a second screen for a Mac or PC. Astropad Studio lets the iPad become a touchscreen-encased drawing tablet for application like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. That includes including using an Apple Pencil.

The two computers can connect via USB, but Wi-Fi is more convenient. And Wednesday brought a new, faster mode that allows Mac and iPad to talk to each other directly.

“There are lots of variables that can negatively impact Astropad Studio’s performance over WiFi — like if you’re working far from your router, have an old router, or using a locked-down corporate network,” said the developer. “Peer-to-Peer cuts out the middle man (your WiFi router) to ensure super smooth, low latency drawing.”

Other improvements, too

The new networking feature is built into Astropad Studio 5.3. Also added to this version is tilt and azimuth support for Apple Pencil hover, which came to iPad Pro 2022 models with iPadOS 16.4.

To give artists time to test the software, there’s a free, two-week trial. After that, a subscription is either $11.99 per month or $99.99 per year. But new users can get 20% off for their first year with code FAST.

The new peer-to-peer mode and other enhancements are free to those who already have a subscription.

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