Build your business acumen with $45 MBA training bundle


Ready to launch your own business or push your career to the next level? You need the 2023 Total MBA Training in One Box by Chris Haroun.

While this training bundle doesn’t replace an actual MBA degree, it puts hundreds of interactive lessons at your disposal. With them, you can enhance your approach to all entrepreneurial pursuits.

Get MBA-level business training

All six courses in this bundle are written and taught by Chris Haroun, a top-rated instructor with a 4.5 out of 5 rating from current and past students. Haroun is an award-winning business professor and entrepreneur with a plethora of experience in the finance industry. With his expertise and guidance, you’ll learn the most practical knowledge about what makes for a successful business.

The bundle is anchored by Haroun’s MBA-in-a-box course. In eight hours, and across 83 lectures, Haroun lays out the foundations of business knowledge with an eye toward small business ownership and entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking to launch a successful business like Apple, or simply better understand other industries, Haroun lays out the key concepts.

Learn accounting, economics, management, marketing, business strategy and … Excel!

You’ll even get access to a marketing and communication course that helps you identify your customer base, create content for greater engagement, edit your marketing materials and much more. Learn how to optimize your business goals and sell yourself, and your business, by appealing to customers’ emotions.

Next, Haroun focuses on four key business disciplines with certificate courses. Detailed interactive lectures cover accounting and finance, economics, management and business strategy.

Haroun wraps up the bundle with a complete course on Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet software is one of the core tools of any business. And Haroun shows you how companies use it, and how programming in Excel can automate rote tasks and make it easier to run your business.

Save on the 2023 Total MBA Training in One Box by Chris Haroun

Navigating the business world can be challenging, but with this course pack, it doesn’t have to be.

Grab the 2023 Total MBA Training in One Box by Chris Haroun now for just $44.99 (regularly $800).

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