Relive your youth or share it with the kids — Playmobil still makes figurines fun


TL;DR: Playmobil has a catalog of thousands of toys to inspire imagination and curiosity. Check out dinosaurs, cars, pop culture icons and more for your kids or the kid in you.

Sometimes it’s the simple toys that inspire the most creativity and joy. If your child is 4 or older and gets a kick out of creating exciting scenarios with dragons, astronauts, race cars and more, then you might want to show them the vast Playmobil catalog of toys. In it, you’ll find fun figures and sets on everything from e-scooters to Star Trek.

Playmobil: Toys to stimulate the imagination

Playmobil started simple in 1974 with play figures that sported an iconic smile, and it’s only gotten better from there. Each has a simple, instantly recognizable design that’s sure to spark nostalgia for the kidults in the room.

There’s some science behind it, too: A 2019 study found that kids usually prefer simpler toys because they’re not limited to any environment or setting. And Playmobil has that down.

Though you can purchase sets like the Back to the Future Hoverboard Chase, your child’s play certainly isn’t limited to one scene. You can mix and match figures from sets or purchase parts individually. If your child thought Scooby and Shaggy would solve more mysteries if they were friends with a space ranger, that’s on the table.

The sustainable Wiltopia figures designed to teach kids about protecting biodiversity could become an animal backdrop for fantasy figures from any Novelmore set. Plus, where else can you find a tapir that’s safe to play with?

There’s even an opportunity to turn entertainment into education with notable  figures from history. If your child is learning piano, show them Mozart. If you want a kid-friendly introduction to ancient Greece, check out story snippets and characters from mythology, such as Daedalus and Icarus. (The wings are made from plastic instead of wax, so the fun doesn’t wane.) All assembly directions are available in print with your purchase, but you can find them online, too.

Explore the Playmobil site to find coloring pages, crafting ideas, videos and more ways to enhance the experience. For example, you can draw the A-Team’s van or watch a magical animation with familiar smiling faces.

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