Report: Apple developing 32-inch and 42-inch external displays with OLED


Apple’s plans to transition most of its product lines to OLED displays have been widely reported on in the past. A new report from analysts at research firm Omdia, however, sheds more light on Apple’s longer-term roadmap. In fact, according to this report, Apple is developing a 32-inch external display and a 42-inch external display, both with OLED screens.

Apple’s plans for OLED screens

First and foremost, this report (via OLED-info and MacRumors) differs from previous rumors on Apple’s plans to release an OLED MacBook. Other reports indicate that the MacBook Air will be the first Mac to switch to OLED, potentially as soon as 2024. Omdia analysts, however, believe that Apple won’t release an OLED MacBook until 2026 in the form of a new MacBook Pro.

As for the iPad, this report mostly aligns with what other sources have said. Omdia believes Apple will release its first OLED iPad models in 2024, starting with the iPad Pro. “The company will almost completely phase our LCDs and miniLEDs at its mobile devices by 2026,” the report says.

Where things get interesting, however, is with Apple’s plans for external displays. Currently, Apple sells the 27-inch Studio Display and the 32-inch Pro Display XDR, neither of which feature mini-LED or OLED display technology.

This Omdia report, however, suggests that Apple’s roadmap includes a pair of OLED external displays in 2027, including one that measures 32 inches and another that measures 42 inches. It’s not clear whether these would be standalone external displays, similar to the Pro Display XDR and Studio Display, or if they would be panels used in a future iMac.

We’d treat this rumor with some skepticism for now, especially considering just how far out this timeline is. Apple’s plans can change, and even if the company is working on 32-inch and 42-inch OLED displays right now, it’s entirely possible they never see the light of day.

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