Verizon myPlan explained: Pricing and perks comparison


Verizon announced a shakeup this week with all-new plans, and now the “myPlan” offerings are live. While some customers might be able to save money with the new options, it looks like they’ll cost more for many because the previous generation of plans included perks like Disney+, Apple Music and Arcade, and more at no cost. Follow along for Verizon myPlan explained with a breakdown of what’s changed, prices compared, how to figure out what’s best for you, and more.

Verizon announced the new myPlan plans with the angle that it gives customers more choice by letting them decide what add-ons to include at a discount without being locked into anything.

“Get exactly what you want. Only pay for what you need.” is the tagline with Verizon saying that the new offerings being “Super simple” and flexible redefine wireless freedom.

However, because Verizon’s previous “Do More,” “Play More, and “Get More” plans had multiple perks built-in at no additional cost, the new myPlan options may be more expensive for existing customers but there could be some instances where there are savings. Let’s dig in…

Verizon myPlan explained – pricing

Verizon says there are just two simple steps to getting set up with myPlan. While that is technically true, it takes some effort and time to figure out what you’d be paying on the previous generation of plans vs myPlan.

Here’s the pricing for the two different myPlan tiers based on how many lines. And on the right is build your own perks that each go for an additional $10/month:

myPlan vs previous Verizon plans

It takes some time to understand how all the pricing shakes out with the myPlan options vs the previous plans, but this may be the easiest way to absorb it – I’ve charted the new myPlan on the left with the legacy plans on the right with the included perks below:

myPlan 5G Get More One Unlimited for iPhone 5G Play More 5G Do More 5G Start Welcome Unlimited
Price per line with 4 lines $30 or 45 $55 $50 $45 $45 $35 $30
Perks included Up to $67 of perks included Up to $43 in perks included Up to $20 of perks included Up to $36 of perks included

It really depends on the specific plans, how many lines, and what perks you want, but:

  • You’ll likely pay more if you’re coming from a Get More, Play More, or Do More Plan and you want to include the same or more perks
  • You’ll likely pay more if you only have 1 or 2 lines
  • You may pay less if you’re coming from 5G Start or Welcome Unlimited and you want to add perks when you previously didn’t have any or if you prefer to not have perks with a basic new myPlan after coming from an older perk-rich plan
  • You may pay less if you have 4 or more lines

myPlan nuances

One more thing, the value between the previous plan perks and the new a la carte perks at $10/each are a bit different as Verizon has bundled them differently (e.g. it used to offer Apple Arcade separately, but now it offers the Apple One bundle for $10/month – normally $17).

Interestingly, right up until Verizon refreshed its website with the myPlan updates, it was advertising a good deal for its 5G Play More plan for switchers. $35 per line with 4 lines and Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ included for free.

Another funny tweak in all of this, previously, Verizon called its most basic $30/month plan Welcome Unlimited. With the new myPlan offerings, it’s reversed the name to Unlimited Welcome for the same $30/month – the latter just has the option to include the $10/month add-ons.

Do you have to change to myPlan?

Verizon hasn’t shared any requirement about existing customers on the legacy plans needing to switch to the new myPlan for now.

Unless you’ve run the numbers and you’re going to be better off with a switch to myPlan, stick with what you’ve got.

But it could be worth looking in more detail at what myPlan would cost for your lines/perks.

T-Mobile’s latest move

Verizon’s myPlan comes after T-Mobile announced its latest Uncarrier effort last month.

Notably, both carriers are using the “freedom” language in their marketing of the latest plans.

What do you think about the new plans from Verizon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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