‘Ancient’ Shipwreck Washes Ashore in Eastern Canada


A newly discovered shipwreck suspected to date from the 19th century recently washed ashore in Cape Ray, eastern Canada, footage released on Sunday, January 28, showed.

According to local reports, the ship washed up on the shore of Cape Ray, a small community on Newfoundland’s southwestern tip, earlier in January. Since then, it has attracted residents who are curious about the ship’s history.

Among them was Corey Purchase, a local photographer who brought his drone to the beach to capture the scene.

“Presenting a captivating video of an ancient shipwreck that was discovered January of this year,” Purchase wrote.

Neil Burgess, president of the Shipwreck Preservation Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, told local news that the ship could date back the 19th century and that the emerged hull was “about 24 meters long” and wasn’t complete.

“It was a fairly substantial sailing ship, bigger than a schooner, I think,” Burgess said. Credit: Corey Purchase NiCor Photos via Storyful

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