Rocky Mountain Tumbler Reviews – Hot or Cold for Longer Time

The rocky mountain tumbler reviews are specifically aimed at those who are campers or travelers. Oh! It is as well open to anyone that ever loves to have his/her drink either hot or cold for a longer duration of time.

The tumbler work just like every other mug but the difference is that it has an extended lifespan.

For those who love to go hiking or on an adventure to the mountain, going about with a cooler might be very tedious to do because it is heavy and even some that appear lightweight will be a burden on you while climbing the mountain.

You are probably going to get dehydrated, and the call for hydration is such the right thing to do. Now! With the rocky mountain tumbler, you can have your liquid and get yourself refreshed. Whatever liquid you have in it will remain just as when you poured it in. It works effectively to keep liquid cold or hot depending on what you have in it.

The tumbler is designed with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold and fresh all day and a lid on the tumbler to ensure that the liquid in it doesn’t get spilled out. It is portable and lightweight and can be used for different occasions.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler Reviews

You can have it attached to your bike as you go out for your morning fitness ride and reach out to it when in need of liquid. It is ever-reliable, and when the substance in it is hot, it doesn’t transfer heat to the outside made of steel. This is why it’s one of the best you can opt for in the market as of today.

There are different brands of tumbler out there in the market, but Rocky Mountain beat them all. The name Rocky Mountain is to showcase to you the durability and ruggedness of the tumbler. It doesn’t get damaged, and you kids will love to have one to keep their coffee or tea hot until the need for it.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler Reviews

Rocky Mountain Tumbler, 30 Ounces


The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is kitchen-grade stainless steel. It is the perfect device for those that intend to keep their liquid cold or hot for 24 hours. It is ideal to add to your kid’s lunch bag accessories as it will keep their drink intact till they need it.

You don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety because it is designed with double-wall vacuum insulation. It has a clear lid on such that you can easily view to know the level of the substances in the tumbler.

It has all it takes to keep your liquid cold or hot all day long for 24 hours. It is BPA-free, and it conveniently holds 30 ounces of liquid. With the use of the tumbler, you can say goodbye to the use of a cooler and be assured that you will meet your liquid just as it was poured into the tumbler.

 The Good

  • It is very lightweight
  • It is very efficient and effective
  • It works for more than 24 hours if not opened frequently
  • It doesn’t slip
 The Bad

  • Some complained it drips when turned upside down

Rocky Mountain Tumbler Questions & Answers

Q: Should I buy this Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A: It is much better than some other tumbler in the market.
Q: Where is Rocky Mountain Tumbler made?
A: The tumbler is made in CHINA.
Q: Does it come with a lid?
A: Yes, the Rocky Mountain Tumbler comes with a clear lid.
Q: How much does Rocky Mountain Tumbler hold?
A: The official website says 30 ounces.
Q: How are you supposed to drink from it?
A: The tumbler has a sippable lid
Q: Could this Tumbler be used for a soup to pack in a school lunch?
A: Not sure. But you can try it out
Q: Does the outside of the tumbler get cold or hot?
A: The exterior of the Rocky Mountain Tumbler does not get cold or hot at all.
Q: Is the Rocky Mountain Tumblers BPA free?
A: It is said to be BPA-free.
Q: Are the lids splash-proof?
A: They are “sealed”, but not sure if they are splash-proof.


Some Other Travel Mug to Consider

Atlin Tumbler – Works Great for Ice Drink, Hot Beverage


The Atlin Tumbler is the last on the list to consider in this post. It is well designed with 100% stainless steel, and it is best to keep yourself hydrated for a longer period. The tumbler is BFA-free and safe to wash when need be.

It is built to handle different conditions with the capacity to hold up to 30oz of is well insulated with two layers of insulation to ensure that your drink maintains its temperature or coldness. It is transparent as you can view the amount of liquid you still have in the tumbler.

North 30 oz Insulated Tumbler Travel Mug


The North 30 oz Insulated Tumbler Travel Mug is another amazing tumbler you can consider on the off chance that you are in need of one for yourself or your kids.

Do you love to have your coffee hot and you don’t have much time as you have to rush out very early for work, you can have your coffee in your tumbler and get to have it just as you want?

It is used for hot and cold weather. It has a transparent slide lid, substances don’t slip out, and it is well insulated to ensure that you don’t harm your palm when handling the tumbler. It can be taken from one place to another as it is lightweight and well designed.

RTIC 20 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler


There are different quality tumblers out there on the market. One of them is the RTIC 20 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler. Your list of the best tumbler isn’t complete without the RTIC.

It is one of the best you will find with double-wall vacuum insulation for maximum safety. It retains heat and also insulates your hands from the cold.

It keeps liquid or ice for a longer duration, and when used to keep beverages hot, it works for a longer period. It is made of strong stainless steel, and it is very easy to grip and move from one place to another.


The rocky mountain tumbler reviews are ideal for those that are in need of a tumbler or mug to get their liquid hot or cold for about 24 hours. The tumbler is insulated and very effective to get the substances in it either cold or hot for a longer period.