Roto Sweep Reviews – Top Rotating Floor Sweeper

Roto sweep reviews; you are just about to find out how to clean your home without stress. The roto sweep brush is a simple device that can be used by anyone to clean any floor that is filled with dirt. It can be used on any floor irrespective of the texture and surface.

The sweet roto brush is sure a good home improvement device that every homeowner must own. Instead of using the normal broom or brush to clean the floor which will consume time and energy, you can use the sweet roto brush as it will help get the work done easily.

For instance, you have kids that litter the floor with chunks and dirt after spending much time cleaning, and you are just too tired to start the process all over again. You don’t have to get too worried because the roto sweep brush is there to save you the stress.

Roto Sweep Reviews

Roto Sweeping Brush

The roto sweeping brush combines the rotating brushes of the cleaner with a regular broom and integrated dustpan. With this, you don’t have to go about with a parker to park your dirt into a dustpan. It has an integrated dustpan that keeps the dirt in which you can dispose of after sweeping the whole floor.

Now with the combination of the collector pan known as a dustbin and the spinning brushes, you just need to move the device over the areas you want to clean and leave the device to get the job done. It is different from sweeping, all you have to do is to move the device over the dirt as the brushes will bring it right into the dustbin inside.

It doesn’t require that you push it back and forth and you don’t have to bend before you could use the device or vacuum to clean the floor. Doesn’t that sound good? Yes, it is. The roto sweep brush works with no cord or batteries as it is only powered by pushing it over the stained surface.

After you must have pushed it over the dirt surface and the floor is clean and neat, you can then open the latch of the back of the device and empty the contents into the garbage. The device can be used on different types of floors including wood, marble, tile, and more. It is very sensitive to pick up even a strand of hair.

The roto sweep is very quiet in operation to the point that the person sleeping where it’s been used will never know what’s going on in the surroundings. It can be used to get the dirt under the couches as it can easily fold to reach out to where you can’t get to when using a normal brush.

Also, the package comes with a hand cleaner that can be used on your dining table, kitchen cabinet, and non-hard surface places in your home.

Roto Sweep Questions & Answers

Q: Do I need to press any button to get the sweeper to work?
A: The roto sweep doesn’t come with a button, all you have to do is to move it around

Q: Is it very effective?
A: it works excellently as it will pick up every dirt on the floor

Q: Is it an electrical device?
A: No, it isn’t an electric device. It has no cord and doesn’t use batteries only powered by pushing it back and forth

Q: I heard it has a dustbin?
A: Yes, it has a mini bin incorporated where all the dirt it picks is stored until finally disposed of in the waste bin

Q: Is it easy to use and does it makes noise?
A: It is very easy to use. It doesn’t make noise as it is very quiet when in use.

Roto Sweep Reviews – Our Top Rotating Floor Sweeper

Roto Sweep by Fuller Brush, Original Cordless Hard Floor Sweeper


If you are in search of a way to clean your floor without stress, the Roto Sweep by Fuller Brush is the right choice for you to make. The Roto Sweep by Fuller Brush is a great device that makes work easier for every woman in the house.

It is simple to operate the device since it isn’t electrical and you don’t have to deal with batteries. All that is needed is to push the sweeper forward, and then the rotating brush will engulf dirt into the built-in dustpan.

It is compatible and can be used on all floors irrespective of the surfaces such as tile, wood, without leaving any mark or scratch. Whether the floor is dry or wet, it can easily sweep all without any limit. It is a lightweight device, and it operates just by moving it over the floor where you have the dirt. It also comes with a hand sweeper that can be used on the table and non-hard surfaces in your home.

 The Good

  • It is very resourceful
  • It makes sweeping much easier to do
  • It is quiet in operation and easy to use
  • It is reliable and can even reach under the couches because it can fold easily.
 The Bad

  • It lacks nothing

Some other products to consider for sweeping the floor

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper


  • No electricity needed and no messy cords to deal with
  • Natural boar bristle brush picks up sand, pet hair, crumbs, glass, and more
  • Dual dustpans are easy to empty and tightly sealed to keep dirt from spilling out
  • Folds flat for compact, easy storage – perfect for apartments, offices, and campers
  • Dual direction, durable bristles easily capture all types of debris
  • Floating wheels automatically adjust to any floor – effortlessly go from room to room
  • Corner brushes easily pick up debris around baseboards and corners
  • Long-wearing, soft vinyl bumper protects furniture

Hurricane Spin Broom by BulbHead


If you are familiar with any hurricane products you will realize they are of great quality. The spin broom for a hurricane is a quality device that works just like the roto sweeper. But the difference is that this uses three brushes to ensure that the floor is evenly cleaned.

It doesn’t leave any dirt on any area used, and it is very effective reliable. It is sure a good choice to consider if you don’t like roto sweep brush.


The article titled Roto sweep reviews is an in-depth view of what the roto sweep brush is all about, the use and how effective it is for those in need of an effortless means to get their floor clean and neat.