Is Sleeping on Floor Good for Humans?

Mattresses are something which every one of us has been sleeping on since the day we all were born. But, have you ever wondered whether it is good for our body to sleep on a soft mattress or not? I am sure; most of us never got this question in mind. But, there are certain groups of people who are really concerned to find out whether it is good to sleep on a mattress or on the floor like our ancestors. Let’s dive deeper into this.

Many studies have been done to find out an answer to this. The results varied but one thing is sure our ancestors used to sleep either in a tree or on the ground. According to Anecdotal Evidence, people from primitive cultures or the ones who live in the forest have fewer musculoskeletal issues than “civilized” people. Let’s take a look into some major advantages of sleeping on the floor:

Sleeping on Floor good or bad

Advantages of sleeping on floor

  • Reduces Back Pain
    One of the best benefits of sleeping on the floor is the reduction in back pain. The floor is hard and this provides an even surface for the body to rest in its natural posture with a straight spine. The body pressure gets equally distributed across the body and this improves the blood flow throughout the body, providing an optimal amount of circulation to the muscles and tissues. The body lies with a straight back properly aligned with the neck, the back pain reduces naturally.
  • Improves Body Posture
    Another benefit of sleeping on the floor is an improved body posture. As there is no extra cushioning, the neck, back, and head are forced to be in proper alignment and this corrects the body posture.
  • Cures Insomnia
    One of the reasons which induce insomnia is a bad sleeping surface. When a person starts sleeping on the floor, there is even a surface for the body to lie down. All the discomfort is reduced and a night of deep and relaxed sleep is experienced by the person sleeping on the floor.
  • Lessons the Possibility of Wrong Sleeping Positions
    As the floor provides an even surface to sleep on, there is no slouching or sinking. The person sleeping on the floor sleeps naturally in a relaxed position which the body demands.
  • Prevents Overheating
    When the mattress becomes a little old, the heat emitted from the human body gets absorbed by the material of the mattress. This heats the surface of the mattress, causing discomfort to the person sleeping on it. The sleep gets disrupted and then, the whole day gets ruined. But, with sleeping on the floor, there is no chance of occurrence of overheating of the floor.

After all the benefits of sleeping on the floor, there is no reason to not ditch the mattresses and start sleeping on the floor. But, still, there are some researchers who do not believe that sleeping on the floor is beneficial for humans.

One of the faculty members in the Division of Sleep Medicine at the University of Utah, Department of Medicine: Milton Marvin Ang Chua does not think alike and says that sleeping on the floor is not good for humans.

According to Dr. Chua, how fast a person falls asleep and how much time a person actually sleeps are the most important aspects of good sleep. And, to have a good sleep it is important to be comfortable. He says that every human body is not the same and just because some people feel comfortable sleeping on the floor does not make this practice healthy for every person.

He further says that sleeping for a longer period of time on the floor may cause the hardness of the floor to hit certain pressure points of the body, such as the tailbone, heels, and shoulder blades, or even cause muscle degradation in some cases.

All these arguments work in favor of Dr. Chua but, the benefits of sleeping on the floor cannot be ignored completely. Most of the people cannot continue sleeping on the floor because of the hard floor. Take the best floor mattress that can give you a little comfort.

A person can experiment by sleeping for 7-10 days on the floor and see for oneself if he/she feels an improvement in sleep. And, if no such improvement is experienced, one can always go back to sleep on the comfortable mattress.

Although using foam on the bed frame for sound sleep is okay for reducing the pain you can’t underestimate the effects sleeping on the floor has on reducing pain.