Soundproof Curtains: How it works & what’s the Benefits

Soundproof curtains are heavy drapes of curtain that are specifically made to minimize noise levels entering and exiting the house or office. The most common use of soundproof curtains is in public places such as movie theatres, clubs and offices. Soundproof curtains are now being used in home settings and they are very effective.

Home Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains resemble normal curtains or drapes made of thick and heavy fabric. The soundproof material used in the curtain hangs in a similar manner and can be suspended with regular grommet hangers or even simple hooks and loops used to fasten the soundproof curtain into place.

Soundproof curtains differ from other curtains and drapes due to the thickness of the material. Most soundproof curtains have quilted padding that easily makes the soundproof material panels from 1-2 inches of thickness. The padding is fitted on the backside of the soundproof curtain while some are manufactured with the padded material on both sides of the curtains. Some manufactures sew added weights on the soundproof curtain bottom. This inhibits uncalled for movements due to the action of wind, storms and other activities.

Soundproof curtains also serve the purpose of maintaining the normal temperature of the room by blocking sunlight. They can also be used in home theaters for those people who prefer watching movies at home. They are fitted on the walls all-round the theater and this reduces echoing effects in the room as well as minimizes distraction caused by noise from other rooms. Houses and buildings located near airports or construction facilities such as mining quarries would really benefit from soundproof curtains. You may also check some soundproof room divider curtains article by quietlivity.

Other general uses of soundproof curtains include industrial facilities where activities are very noisy and computer rooms that generate high levels of noise. They are also used in hospitals in the patient’s rooms such as the ICU where they are needed to shield the sensitive patients from noises generated by medical equipment. Soundproof curtains are also used in public offices and buildings especially in cities so as to reduce the distractive noises from the many noises outside.


Installing soundproof curtains

Most soundproof curtains weigh around 15-20 lbs and most traditional drape rods cannot be able to support this weight. It is best to get heavy-duty batons with heavy brackets; the rod must be able to support 41 lbs per every foot of the curtain. Such materials are available at hardware stores. The brackets should be additionally directly held by the wood that holds the window frame.

When setting up your soundproof curtains use heavy-duty curtain rails and fasten them with durable, long screws and brackets. For wide curtains, the best thing is to form two separate curtains that meet in the middle. This makes it easier for opening and closing the soundproof curtains since they have less weight on the rails. Make sure that the overlap is sufficient within the middle of the two soundproof curtains.

For maximum suspension, the soundproof curtain should be higher than the doorway as well as the windows.

Advantages of soundproof curtains

  • They are easy to clean and maintain. The material is easily cleanable either by hand wash or by machines.
  • They are weather and UV (ultraviolet) resistant. They block sunlight rays as well as disturbing night light from getting into the house.
  • They act as insulators against heat thus they control room temperature. This can particularly be helpful when your home AC breaks down.
  • Soundproof curtains are highly durable due to the tough and hard materials used to manufacture them. They are also resistant to fading hence they maintain their original color for a very long time.

Around the house, the soundproof curtains are very helpful in any area of the house where there is need for controlling noise and echos. Soundproof curtains are a pleasant accessory for use in the house or the workplace without any noise and disturbances.