Three Crucial Skills Modern Hunters Are Lacking

Technology has brought human activities this far in a very short time. Unfortunately, this same technology has caused us to become dependent. We are crippled by the modern tools available to us and won’t want to explore without the availability of these advanced tools.

Modern hunters are growing up with the knowledge of how beneficial it is to have every answer at their fingertips. Smartphone apps have replaced our quest for physical research. Don’t get me wrong; this is what I use every day as well. However, with all the benefits we get from them, we have no right to blame technology for the lack of skills modern hunters exhibit. What skills might those be? Below are three essential skills modern hunters lack.

Three Crucial Skills Modern Hunters Are Lacking


The first skill I discovered is lacking in modern-day hunters is the ability to understand virtually everything about the trees. Do you have any idea about the navigation of the trees without using any gadget or map? When to proceed on a hunt, understanding the pattern I the weather and wind movement, knowing how to read the animal’s body language accurately so much more are fundamentals every modern hunter ought to know. This is one skill that most modern hunters lack.

Knowing How to Hunt the Wind

It’s a famous slogan, especially among the hunters in time past. But it’s no longer highly considered today; they often go by the motto “forget the wind, hunt.” This is one the most saddening market crap I’ve ever heard. I must tell you, leaving your scent behind increases pressure on wild lives and tend to minimize movement.

Nonetheless, knowing how to deal with the wind won’t just come through at the push of a button. You must first understand the pattern of the wind pattern through your property. Learn how deer feed, bed, and travel on a variety of winds where you intend hunting. With adequate knowledge of how to hunt the wind, the probability of having more critters down is high.

Field Ranging

Today, we don’t have to go through the stress finding range manually when hunting, all thanks to range finding bows, laser rangefinders, range-finding binos, and scopes. This might not seem like a big deal. Imagine you went hunting and forgot to take along with you your rangefinder. Imagine, if it’s so difficult for you to tell the difference between 30yards and 40 yards.

However, this is really an easy skill to learn. Simply start by guessing the distance to a building or a structure before getting there. Ultimately, you have no excuse for lacking the skill of field ranging as a modern professional hunter.

Final Verdict

Regardless of which part of his article is applied to you, there’s always a place for change. There is always room for improvement when you have the urge to. Your efficiency as modern hunters should not be limited to your ability to handle all modern hunting tools, imagine they never existed.