Tips to Keep Your Lawn Mower in Top Condition

Making the right choice of a lawn mower is crucial. However, after choosing your product among available models, you need to ensure its durability for as long as possible. Maintaining your mower, especially its engine, is a key factor that should be well-considered. Our lawn mower maintenance tips will help you keep your mower in good shape for effective and efficient use.  

We have also given some instructions on the lawn mower maintenance schedule to ensure the safety of your machine for maximum qualitative delivery and durability. Moreover, in this article, you may find a piece of advice, which would come in handy when your lawn mower smokes white. So, let’s get started!

Lawn Mower

When to Perform Lawn Mower Maintenance

Keeping your machine safe is, without a doubt, a necessity you cannot ignore. Stay safe by ensuring you keep away all objects that could be hazardous to your machine like kids’ toys, stones, bottles, and twigs before you mow. Also, make sure you use it only during daylight or when there is enough light with clear sight and never in the dark.

You can carry out maintenance on your mower at any time of the year. However, the most advisable periods to do this are at the start of a season before the time you mow or at the end of the season when you must finish mowing. The period within which you need to mow your lawn varies based on your location.

Ideally, the end of the season is the best period to carry out lawn mower maintenance considering the fact that there are no things required to be done if your mower will be left unused for some months. Lawn mower maintenance and lawn mower repair during the fall is the safest thing to do as you prepare for the arrival of the spring.

All dangers and damages to your mower could be averted, and your device will be properly kept without malfunctioning or dull blades if you choose an optimum lawn maintenance schedule.   

Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist

This lawn mower maintenance checklist will help you ensure your device is safely and properly kept for maximum qualitative use. Follow these simple steps:

  • Replace the spark plug 
  • Change the oil and filter
  • Sharpen and balance the blades
  • Check the tires
  • Clean the engine
  • Add the fuel stabilizer in the system, or extract all fuel from the mower if you don’t plan to use it for about 30 days.

Tips for Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn mower maintenance has been misconceived by many over time as a time-consuming procedure that requires technical knowledge. People prefer taking their devices to professionals for lawn mower repair regardless of the expensive lawn mower maintenance cost.

However, it is an avoidable expense, and you can handle it easily if you strictly follow the lawn mower maintenance schedule and other tips on this list. Though lawn mower maintenance can be a bit messy and challenging, it’s only for your benefit. We’ve, however, prepared concise and informative tips to help you cope with lawn mower maintenance. 

  • Get acquainted with the manual: You need to protect yourself from being misguided. Ensure you are familiar with the manual instructions included in the set. This will save you from unpredictable consequences, as causing damaging your mower is the last thing you want to do. It would be even better if you also familiarize yourself with our lawn mower maintenance checklist for efficient upkeep.
  • Disconnect the spark plug: Maintaining your lawn mower requires that you unplug your spark plug after use to avoid putting it on accidentally. You may want to consider replacing your spark plug at the end of an annual usage so as to facilitate easy start-up for your mower. Keeping it safe by disconnecting the spark plug is an essential routine that you should bear in mind.
  • Extract gasoline at the end of the season: This is an important part of the lawn mower maintenance schedule, which you may need to take cognizance of for better handling of your lawn mower.
  • Keep it clean: You need to ensure your machine is clean and well kept in a cool, dry place after use to avoid rusting. Cleaning your machine will also protect your mower’s blades from getting dull.
  • Refuel your mower promptly: You may need to fill up the oil promptly as you will not want your machine to malfunction or run out of fuel at any time. You should, however, check the manufacturer’s instructions to do it properly.
  • Keep the air filter in good working condition: It will guarantee its working efficiency. You can also make a total replacement of the mower’s air filter with the help of a manual if its air filter gets bad.
  • Sharpen the blades’ cutting edges; and balance them accordingly, considering the instructions of a manufacturer: this will allow you to use the machine as many times as possible without compromising on its quality in the future.
  • Grease the mower’s engine: This may be an important thing for you to do if you consider leaving your machine for quite some time before use. It will prevent the lubricant from running dry and causing corrosion.


That’s it; you’ve just read through our maintenance tips on how to keep your lawn mower in top condition and store it properly. We hope that we managed to explain that it is possible to do it on your own, without spending money on the service.

Make sure that you’ve read this article carefully and do not forget to check the manual if any questions arise. Create the schedule according to your location, find an appropriate place for the storage, don’t be lazy to disassemble your device, and we are sure it will serve you for a long time!

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