Different Types of Watches

It is not new anymore that the wristwatch you wear has much to say about a person’s personality. Not only that, but it can also show a person’s level of wealth and humor. selecting a wristwatch is quite difficult.

There are many things to consider and for this cause, we have a list of the best wrist watch you should consider. If you are interested in getting a new wristwatch, you need to read all through this post.

But before we move straight to the types of wristwatch you should consider. we need you to understand that the maintenance of a watch is more important than buying. You should have a good case to keep your watch safe as it will increase the lifespan of the watch.

Different Types of Watches

Types of watches

Analog watch

The first we are to share with you is known as the analog watch. The wristwatch has a miniature clock face with 12 hours, a minute hand, and an hour hand. Obviously, most come with a simple look and design.

There is an analog watch that comes with traditional numbers and some with roman numerals. most of the analog watches also have marks representing the numbers on the watch and it is also referred to as analog watches.

Digital watch

When I was young, the digital watch is the trending type of wristwatch then. So I got to know more about the watch while I was still young. The watch system and other things are indicated in digits rather than what you know it to be in analog which is by hand on a dial.

The display shows a digital reading of the time and you can easily get to know what the time says with it. Obviously, it is a very good watch to learn the time as you can easily read it. It actually helps us to learn the time as at then and I think it is the best to start with for beginners.

Automatic watch

It is possible you must have heard about this before. I got my fiance an automatic wristwatch and she keeps complaining about it. It took time for me to realize it was because it was an automatic watch. Once she has it off her hand for more than 8 hours, she just has to reset it to the present time.

Automatic watches work with the impulses in the hand of the wearer. It gets to work when it is in the hand of the wearer and it stops working once it is taken off for a longer period of time.


The next is a chronograph watch and it is just a fancy term used for a stopwatch. The chronograph is used to stop and start a wristwatch. With it, you can set and time the watch. This type is very useful for those who want to be time conscious. This is usually used to time myself whenever I have more tasks to cover. It has been effective and efficient.

Diving watch

This is the type of wristwatch that is specific to some professions. If you love to dive or you love to swim with your wristwatch on your wrist to time yourself of your progress you need a wristwatch that have a water-resistant feature.

Using a watch with no water-resistant feature is a sign you are going to damage the watch and get a new one soon. So if you are getting this kind of wristwatch, you need to know what it stands for just like the ones one best watch select which has specifications on the depth you can go to with different watches.

Dress watch

This is another watch you should look out for. It is the kind that can be used for all kinds of official meetings. You just have to ensure you get the one that is compatible with almost all the dresses you have in your wardrobe.


This is a type of wristwatch everyone must-have. It is not the type you take out every day. It has wonderful features such as a heart rate monitor, calories expended, pulse rate, and many more. It is a dynamic wristwatch that everyone must dream of having.