Why Do You Need A High Definition Mirror Camera?

We take photos and record videos of the everyday happening in our lives. This always includes our bonding with our friends, special family occasions, unique stuff we see, and most especially our travels. Aside from it leaving memories, the same is used to serve as long-lasting proof that the event actually happened! 

Hence, this same system of documentation is adopted in the development of High Definition (HD) Mirror Cameras. Nowadays, cameras are being attached to the rearview mirror of the car to document happenings during our travels.

What is a High-Definition (HD) Mirror Camera?

An HD mirror camera, also known as a rearview camera, is a dashboard cam that is attached to the car’s rearview mirror. It allows you to record video, photos, and audio of your car’s activity and surroundings. As per its special features, the HD mirror camera can rotate up to 350 degrees. Meaning, it can do both front and back documentation depending on how you position it. 

The camera also takes 720P high-definition (HD) photos and videos. What’s the best part? It has a night vision mode that can take high-quality photos and videos even at night. Typically, an HD mirror camera has an instore capacity of 8GB and can be upgraded for up to 32GB. It also lasts for almost 14 hours after full charging. However, some leave it charged in their car when they drive.

In saving the taken videos and photos, you just have to put out the memory or SD card and transfer it to your computer. After saving, you can now delete it for you to have some space for future videos and photos.

What Goes with an HD Mirror Camera?

Aside from the HD mirror camera, here are the other package contents used in its overall functioning:

  • Car charger or adaptor – the HD mirror camera comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Since it can be charged directly to your car through an adaptor, this equipment has also been included in the package. There are also cases that the HD mirror camera only starts recording when your car starts, and this is because a built-in battery is not available and the only power source of the camera is your car. Hence, when you are buying one, you should check out if it contains a built-in battery.
  • Rubber strap bands – These rubber strap bands help your camera stay in place. It is directly positioned on your rearview mirror wrapped around your camera for support.
  • SD or memory cards – for the storage of the photos and videos, a memory or SD card is also included in the package. Typically, the storage capacity of the provided card is 8GB. If you think 8GB is too small for you, you can always upgrade it up to 32GB.

What Should You Look Out for When Buying an HD Mirror Camera?

As much as you are so excited to purchase your own HD mirror camera, there is still a lot to consider if it’s the perfect one to be bought. Here are things you should look out for when buying an HD mirror camera:

  • Sturdiness – make sure that the camera is intact. Meaning, if there are any loose screws that you observed, you might as well not buy it as this may be a sign of their failed durability. Also, test if it stays on the rearview in a sturdy position. Some rubber strap bands that are provided cannot secure the camera in its position. This can be dangerous as it might fall off while you are driving.
  • Photo and video quality – one of the most important aspects that you should check is the video quality. If the specification says that it is 720P, then the video quality should give justice to it. Also, it defies the main purpose of the camera if you cannot even see the people in the videos and photos. Always go for quality products as it gives high-quality outcome.
  • Graphics – the HD mirror camera also displays instructions on its screen. For some, the options button itself is on the screen of the camera. Given the importance of this function, always make sure that you carefully check the graphics of the camera. It should be visible to the eyes and should display the right information. 
  • Battery – as mentioned, it is better to purchase a camera that contains a built-in battery. This is for you to record videos and take photos even if your car is turned off. Also, check out how long the battery lasts. It is always better to choose a long-lasting battery as it captures more moments as well. Lastly, check the provided car charger or adaptor. Make sure that it functions well. 

What Do You Need an HD Mirror Camera?

Let us now get to the main point. Why do we really need an HD mirror camera? The main reasons are as follows:

  • It records everything that is happening on your travel. Meaning, everything that happens on the road is well documented and has evidence. So, in case of a car accident or commotion, there is always objective evidence of the event. It also raises awareness of other people. If a particular event, that might affect people negatively, happens; then you publicize it until it informs and reaches a larger audience.
  • It captures beautiful memories. When you are going on a road trip, it is always suggested that you turn your HD mirror camera the whole time. Aside from taking videos and photos of the scenery, it also records the laughs and stories you share with your loved ones.

Final Verdict

If you own a car, it is highly recommended that you buy your own HD mirror camera and have it attached to your rearview mirror. With all the benefits laid out, it shows that it benefits you and others as well. It is always better that you have preparations for what might happen. As the saying goes, no one can beat a man who is prepared.