Top Wine Hacks That Can Be Used At Home

There is nothing better than relaxing and de-stressing after a long, tiring day at home with a glass of vino. But there are a couple of things worse than, for the most part, jumbling that glass of vino, whether it happened when you forgot to chill your bottle of wine or break the valuable cork.

Fortunately, that is where the top wine hacks come in, which can be, most especially, applied at home. Although, you may not need these hacks as of the moment, for sure, one day you will.

Have you got some leftover red wine at home? Have you forgotten to chill your bottle of wine before you decide to take a sip? Never fear, we have listed some of the best wine hacks or tips that can be used at home. Read on to see the hacks!

Ice and Salt

What can you do with ice, salt, and wine? Well, believe it or not, you can chill a bottle of wine quickly using ice and salt. For the most part, and whether you like it or not, sometimes you tend to forget to chill a bottle, and then you get frustrated because you have to decide between warm wine or watered down white wine. And not the first one nor the other are appealing.

So, here’s what you can do. Either you force yourself to, more often than not, wait twenty more minutes so that you can chill your bottle of wine. Or load up ice in a bucket, cover it with cold water, and then add at least two handfuls of salt. And then you can put your bottle of wine in there, and set the time for your impeccably chilled glass of wine.

Wine Hacks That Can Be Used At Home

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What’s blender got to do with wine? You can make inexpensive and second-rate wine taste much better with the aid of a blender. Sure, it happens to almost all of us, where we are forced to buy a cheap wine because the liquor store is closed or we are broke.

It is either the two reasons above. And sometimes it can make us feel desperate, so desperate that even that five dollar bottle of wine from the store seems tempting. Well, quite appealing. In the event that you are stuck with a, for the most part.

A cheap bottle of wine, use a blender to blend it at high speed for at least thirty seconds. In this way, the wine can aerate, allowing flavors and aromas to emerge and transpire faster. Although it will not work magic, it will undoubtedly help.

Coffee Filter

You can use or utilize a coffee filter to save your wine when you accidentally and unintentionally break the cork. Of course, shattering the cork apart when you open a bottle of vino can be, for the most part, a heartbreak.

Rather than getting more and more frustrated, why not save your wine using a coffee filter. Here’s how you can do it. Place a coffee filter over your wine glass, make sure to leave room or space for the wine to accumulate.

Then, in a slow manner, pour your wine into the glass, give it some time to pass through. Take note that the coffee filter will gather the tiny fragmented cork pieces, leaving you with wine that will not choke you.

Use Leftover Wine

If you cannot get yourself to sip the last portion of wine, worry not. You can still use it for good reasons. Did you know that wine is excellent for cooking? And for sure, you will discover that it brings a nice flavor and aroma to different dishes. Wine is a famous ingredient for lots of sauces, plus, you can store it for future use.

Just fill ice cube trays with the leftover wine. Once chilled or frozen, the wine cubes can be, for the most part, preserved in a plastic bag and utilized when you need it for cooking. Moreover, you can also use wine to make vinegar, which is a useful ingredient in every kitchen.

Freeze Grapes

A glass of chilled vino is very appealing. However, what does not seem appealing is watered-down wine, mainly because of the added ice cubes. To avoid such unpleasing situation, freeze a few grapes and use it as ice cubes.

Frozen grapes will not water down your glass of wine, and might even bring in more flavor. You can opt to put them in your glass of wine for a couple of minutes, then take them out when they begin to melt.


Wine hacks can help you to make the most of your wine, whatever varietal you are drinking or no matter what vineyard, for example, Screaming Eagle, they came from. If you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make the most of your vino, read the tips above.

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