Wonder Wallet Reviews – Best Slim RFID Wallet

For every guy out there in need of a replacement or who wants to get a better wallet, you need to read these wonder wallet reviews before choosing any product in the market. With many products on the market today, you might get easily confused in choosing the best product, and that’s why we are reviewing one of the best product that is increasing in popularity to date.

The wallet is a common thing among men; it is used to keep a lot of things such as money, ID cards, credit cards, passport, and business cards. It helps the guy a lot to keep important things safe from anyone and it is very easy to access as most of them can conveniently get into the front or back pocket.

Most men out there place their wallets into either the back or front pocket. Over time, it has been said that placing your wallet in the back pocket isn’t right as it can damage the trouser and cause discomfort for those who have more items stored in the wallet.

The right place to keep one’s wallet is in the right pocket as it gives you full awareness of where your wallet is as some claimed to have misplaced or lost their wallet because of placing it in their back pocket and I’ve once experienced this personally, and you wouldn’t want to get yourself into such condition.

Wonder Wallet Reviews

Wonder Wallet Reviews – Best wallet for lots of cards

The wonder wallet is just like every other wallet in shape, but it is resourceful in its design. How would you feel the moment you discover you can do some things you’ve been doing with stress in an easy way with the same result? Excited, yes, that’s the feeling. The wonder wallet was purchased to have a personal view for the sake of this article and here is what I observed during the three weeks of using the wallet.

Obviously, its wallet won my heart all because of its simplicity and being a lightweight tool. I don’t have to go all about with a bulky and extended wallet that will take me minutes to squeeze into my pocket, and it becomes too obvious for people to know I have my wallet on me.

But with the wonder wallet, is very flat with extended width, and my first worry is that I wasn’t unsure if it will fit into my pocket because I only wear jeans. As the name implies wonder wallet, I think it is created to wroth wonders as it will accommodate all that is in your bulky wallet easily without showing a sign of bulkiness itself.

What do I mean by this? I have all my credit cards, passport, money, and important things inserted into my previous wallet and placed in my pocket, I noticed it was heavy, and most people will notice the very seconds they set their eyes on me that I have a wallet in my pocket.

Then I have all the same items after emptying the former wallet and inserting all the items in the wonder wallet; it was just as if I never inserted anything into it. It was very light, and only a few will notice I have my wallet on me. Albeit, it causes discomfort when placed in your back pocket, and you try to sit. So it is advisable that you always keep it in the front pocket.

The wonder wallet has 24 ports to keep your cards and passport with the inner slot for your money. The inner slot is too large and when I inserted some dollars into it, it takes a little effort from me to bring them out, and this makes it as appealing to me as no one can just have access to my cash.

The inner plastic section of the wallet has 12 slots for cards, but you can choose to use the rest also for storing your cards if you have more than 12. The inner part of the wallet can be removed, and the wallet comes in either black or red color, and the one you pick depends, on your choice.

The wallet is worth giving a trial to guys out there who don’t use wallets all because of how heavy or bulky it will become with lots of items they have. The wonder wallet will make things so easier for you.

Here is the other top wallet you should consider

Aprince Amazing Men and Women Slim Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet


The Aprince Amazing Men and Women, Slim Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet Card Case Coin Purse is made with durable leather to keep your card secured from physical damage thereby offering the best solution to meet your daily needs.

This wallet holds twice what a typical wallet will hold. The amazing thing about the wallet is that it comes with a design that lays a card just like a photo album so that you can see things clearly and easily. The wallet holds up about 24 credit cards leaving you with plenty of space to carry everything you want.

The wallet has RFID blocking protection and this helps to stop the remote scanning of cards and keep your information safe and secure from anyone. With the RFID insulation, be rest assured your items are secured from theft.

Not only does it make it easier to access your cards without searching for the exact place you store them, but it also helps to keep the card in good condition. This can be used anytime and once placed in the front pocket; it is very easy to sit and won’t cause any form of discomfort.

 The Good

  • The wallet has a leather frame
  • It is more spacious to keep you items
  • It has RFID protection
  • It has a large compartment for your cash
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is slimmer and lighter than a regular wallet
  • It looks and feels great
 The Bad

  • It might be difficult to get into some pocket because of its size

Wallets for Men – Genuine Leather Wallet With 2 ID Window


The wallets for men are made of two materials in which the outer one is made of genuine vegetable tanned cowhide leather while the inner material is made of fabric. The wallet has 16 slots to keep your items with 12 specified for cards such as credit cards, two slots for currency pockets for all your cash, and 2 ID windows for driver’s license and other important passports.

The wallet is very nice, it has a smooth texture, and it is environmentally friendly. Very soft and smooth to touch. Although it isn’t as lightweight compared to the one above, this means that it has a solid design and construction.

The RFID protection ensures that your credit card is safe and secured from theft. It comes in coffee color, and some other colors, and the one you opt for depends on your choice. It is very small compared to the Aprince wallet, which means it will enter your pocket easily without difficulty.

Without a doubt, it is much easier to use, and you can easily reach out to your items when need be. Sitting with the wallet in your back pocket will cause discomfort so it is advisable that you place it in your front pocket.

 The Good

  • It has RFID protection
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is made with quality materials
  • It is strong and doesn’t get damaged easily
 The Bad

  • It has limited space

RFID Blocking Leather Business Card Holder


The RFID Blocking Leather Business Card Holder is the last to consider in this list and it has all it takes to be called a vintage wallet. It is a great wallet with khaki color and it is well equipped with a protective material such as RFID to ensure that your items are safe and secured.

The wallet gives you a sense of safety and security over your belongings. It also has a plastic section just like the Aprince wallet where you can keep your credit card and it has RFID protection. The section can accommodate more than 20 credit cards with one money pocket to keep your money and some other items.

The wallet is one among many others to consider, although it isn’t a wonder wallet but can be categorized among the typical wallet. It is lightweight too, fits perfectly into your pocket, and is very easy to reach out to. The wallet should be kept in the front pocket which is more comfortable than placing it in your back pocket which will cause discomfort when sitting.

 The Good

  • It is very resourceful
  • Great and quality product
  • Good look and feel
  • It is very smooth and lightweight
 The Bad

  •    None at the moment


The wonder wallet review is the best review you should read if you are in the market to get a new wallet or a replacement for your old one. Here, we were able to let you know the in and out of the wallet, leaving you with some products to consider to relieve you of the task of searching the market.